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TENCEL GEL Tranquility Memory Foam Mattress

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The Natural Tencel Gel Tranquility mattress combines the comfort of Tencel fabric with our Cool Rest Gel memory foam.

Tencel fabric is known for its moisture management properties, helping make this a very cool sleeping, supportive mattress.

The unique structure of theTENCEL fiber allows it to actually absorb moisture inside the fiber and transport moisture throughout the fabric promoting faster evaporation. This also means that the fabric can naturally inhibit bacterial growth, for a healthier sleeping surface. These factors combined with the smooth surface of the fiber make this material a positive environment for healthy skin. 

TENCEL fabric is made from Eucalyptus trees utilizing an environmentally sustainable process. Since these trees grow quickly, they are rapidly replaced when cut. They also yield more fiber per square meter than conventional cotton, which makes this cover environmentally friendly. 

This mattress has a medium/firm feel, but allows the memory foam to quickly conform to your body for pressure relief and support without sinking into the mattress too far. 

Our mattresses feature the most technologically advanced pressure-relieving memory foam mattress in the world. Created from years of testing and studies by the world's leading chemical company, BASF. They are made in North Carolina, packaged in Tennessee and are proudly offered at the lowest price possible. 

You may notice that there is a Proposition 65 sticker on your new mattress box. Click here to see why. Don't worry, your new mattress is not toxic!

    Why do we carry Bed In A Box Brand?

    • CertiPUR Certified Non-Toxic Foams
    • Non-Toxic Fire Barrier
    • Biodegradable and natural fabrics
    • Water based non-toxic adhesives
    • Replaces a percentage of synthetics with natural plant oils
    • Compress-packed technology allows for lower carbon footprint and consolidated shipping
    • Long lasting, high quality foam outlast major brands
    • American Made means American Quality and American Jobs!
    • 120 day return privilege!

    Certified non-toxic- safe for your family (and ours!)

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