The Swan Luxury Mattress

The Swan Luxury Organic Latex Mattress

Super soft yet supportive, made with Certified Organic Cotton and Organic Wool and GOLS Certified Organic Latex. One of the best value organic mattresses in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.

Soft, breathable organic cotton with organic wool quilted inside to pass the fire laws without chemicals, The Swan Luxury is a very high quality and luxurious organic latex mattress, comparable to top of the line organic mattresses.

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Your body will sing with the Nest Bedding Natural Swan Luxury Mattress

  • Two 3" base layers of Firm latex and one 3" Soft layer and one 3" Super Soft layer on top.
  • 14" total height, filled with either GOLS Certified Organic Latex or Oeko Tex Certified Synthetic Latex
  • 2" of Certified Organic U.S.grown wool quilted inside of soft, U.S. Grown Organic Cotton Cover.

The Swan Luxury is our most luxurious, soft, "Sink Into" Mattress. USA Grown Organic Cotton fabrics and USA Grown Organic Wool add to create a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Designed to achieve Spine Neutral support while providing a pressure-free sleep surface. The Swan Luxury is a SOFT feel mattress, great for those who like to nestle into their mattress.

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The Swan Luxury is 14" tall and single-sided for no-flip convenience. 
All Nest Bedding Natural mattresses come compress-packed for ease of shipping and cost savings. The latex layers are compress and rolled. You unpack and unroll the latex layers and add them to the zippered cover.
Available in 2 configurations to fit your budget or needs:
1. All Natural, GOLS Certified Organic Latex
2. All Synthetic Continuous Pour Latex, Still Certified Safe and No Toxic off-gassing. Great for saving on cost or customers with latex allergies.
What is zoned latex? In the photo of the latex, you can see the smaller and bigger holes. These correspond with the shape of your body, bigger holes in the shoulder and hip are, smaller holes in the lumbar and lighter parts of your body. This allows the latex to support the curves of your body and give you proper support. Regular latex is flat and doesn't give to the curves of your body.

Simple, Natural Ingredients. Old Fashioned American Craftsmanship. Smart, Chiropractic Design. Great Value.

We offer GOLS Certified Organic Latex or USA made synthetic latex for those with latex allergies. Both versions carry Oeko Tex Certification to the highest level. 

Our synthetic latex is USA made, certified Oeko Tex 100 Certification, the highest level of safety, tested and shown to have no harmful chemicals. Our natural latex is GOLS Certified Organic.Choose either our natural or synthetic option with complete confidence of Oeko Tex Certified safety.

Nest Bedding Natural Comfort Pledge.

If it's not comfortable, you can reorder the layers of latex to adjust the feel of your mattress. You have a 90 day comfort guarantee to exchange one layer. The Swan Luxury carries a 10 year warranty.

The Nest Bedding Natural warranty:

Nest Bedding offers the original purchaser a full 10-year warranty against defects of materials and workmanship on the purchase of our Sparrow mattress. Beginning on the date of purchase, this warranty is non-prorated effective for 10 years.

Your mattress will be repaired or replaced, at our option, should it be found defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

A copy of your original bill of sale is needed to determine the date of purchase. Model name and law labels must remain attached to your mattress. These labels identify your mattress and are necessary to validate this warranty.

In order to protect your mattress and the terms of this warranty, Nest Bedding highly recommends purchasing a matching foundation for your mattress or proper foundation, and using a mattress protector.

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