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Do You Have the Right Quality Summer Sheets?

Do You Have the Right Quality Summer Sheets?

Summer is just around the corner, which means we can look forward to longer, warmer days! But, to make the most out of these extra daylight hours, a good night’s sleep is essential.

However, hot, sweaty, summer evenings often keep many of us awake. So, if you’re dreading the summer nights for that very reason, you're probably looking for a solution.

Question: Do you have the right quality summer sheets?

High-quality bedding can offer some relief from the uncomfortable heat - from cooling sheets to comfortable breather pillows; the right summer sheets might be the perfect remedy for you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best sheets and bedding for when those summer days drift away into humid evenings.

Why is it So Difficult to Sleep During Warm Summers?

As many as 80% of participants claim to sleep better in cold weather. When we explore the science behind sleep, this makes perfect sense, as when we snooze, our brain brings the temperature of our bodies down. 

Our bodies boast a circadian rhythm that operates in a 24-hour cycle. During this pattern, temperatures rise when we're active and drop when we're drowsy.

So, a decrease in body temperature often correlates with sleepiness, so conversely, when environmental temperatures increase too high, you'll wake. This is why the recommended sleeping temperatures range from 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s no wonder that especially hot summer nights throw our rhythms into disarray! It's why so many insomniacs often struggle with warmer temperatures without even knowing it.

Heat spells are also linked to a reduced quality of REM sleep, which is believed to benefit learning, memory, and recovery.

Although installing a fan in your bedroom and/or taking a warm bath before bedtime work to counter nighttime sweating, there are plenty of products on the market specifically designed to combat heat at night.

These include summer sheets and bedding that remove moisture and heat, and mattress covers explicitly crafted for optimizing airflow.

The Best Material For Cooling Sheets

Comfort, cost, and cooling are all factors that play into which summer sheets you opt for. If staying cool is your primary concern, linen is often the first choice.

This fabric is more refreshing than cotton, and the quality feels good on your skin. It’s also durable, so it's likely to last you for many years to come. However, you'll have to be willing to splurge a little cash because linen is often on the pricey side. 

Breathable sheets like bamboo, are a fabulous, eco-friendly alternative. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, feel incredibly soft, and are a more budget-friendly option compared to linen.

But, if you're really set on cotton, look for a set with a percale weave. It should also have a thread count lower than 400 for a thinner and crisper feel that keeps you fresh throughout the night.

The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool at Night

If you’re on the lookout for quality summer sheets, bedding, and pillows that can protect you from the heat, look no further, below, we have listed the best products for a comfortable sleep during summer nights.

Nest Bedding’s Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set

These luxurious bamboo sheets feature a thread count of 300. They are made with anti-microbial properties to suit those with sensitive skin. Bamboo transformed into a lightweight rayon fabric makes for fresh, soft, and luxurious sheets.

They're lighter than traditional cotton. Thanks to their superior moisture-wicking properties, you can sleep deeper with the added benefit of excellent temperature control.

The Alexander Signature Cooling Topper

A mattress topper is ideal for affordably heightening the comfort of your existing mattress. This is ideal for side sleepers who require the additional give and softness for the best possible sleep.

The signature cooling topper is covered in luxury cooling fabric and provides an extra 2” of added comfort and airflow. The toppers are made with Energex Foam. 

Tencel Lyocell Sheets

These stunningly soft sheets follow a trend of sustainable fibers from eco-friendly resources. They stand out through their moisture management qualities.

The TENCEL fibers effectively channel moisture, allowing for 50% more absorption than cotton. These sheets are recommended to hot sleepers, especially.

The small eco-friendly footprint is just another benefit of the innovative technology supporting these comfortable summer sheets.

The Easy Breather Bedding Pillow

Sheets are a great way to keep you fresh throughout the summer, but there’s plenty of good reasons to look at pillows and duvets as well. This comfy breather pillow is Nest Bedding’s first rated pillows.

It's designed with a breathable and softcover. The filling consists of supportive foam. Breathable pillows allow for better airflow and keep your head nice and relaxed throughout the night. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep This Summer with the Right Quality Summer Sheets

A good night’s sleep is well worth investing in - whether it's better quality summer sheets, bedding, breathable pillows, or mattress covers; get what you need to sleep easy.

As we've already said, luxurious linen or eco-friendly materials like Bamboo or TENCEL can help keep you fresh. This is thanks to their lightweight materials and low thread count, which allow for better airflow and moisture absorption.

Browse our selection at Nestbeddings to find the perfect luxury sheets, mattresses, and bedding to achieve the best possible sleep this summer. Or, visit our blog to learn more about how to stay comfortable this spring and summer. Enjoy!