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Why You Need a Cooling Mattress Topper

Why You Need a Cooling Mattress Topper

Do you toss and turn during the night and feel like it's too warm in the room?  A cooling topper for your bed may be the solution you've been looking for.

When your body is cool, you are more relaxed. This can help you get the rest you need to wake up feeling better and more energized.

Nothing beats the restorative power of a good night's sleep. Here's a look at the many benefits of a cooling mattress topper.  

Cools the Body

A typical mattress retains heat. If you're someone who feels warm or sweats during the night, your mattress may make the problem worse.

A cooling topper is made of breathable materials. This helps absorb moisture away from you while the cooling gel helps you feel cool and comfortable during the night.

When your muscles are cool, your body and your mind are more relaxed. This can help you reach a sounder sleep and may prevent you from waking up repeatedly during the night.

Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

When your body is hot as you try to sleep, you waste energy trying to regulate your body temperature. This makes for a miserable night of trying to fall asleep and waking up multiple times.

This can affect your mood and your productivity as well. Over a long period of time, sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your health.

When your body temperature is cool, you're more likely to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. When your body doesn't have to work so hard during the night, you're more likely to wake feeling rested and ready to tackle the day. 

Restores Your Body

Sleep is the time for your body to relax and repair itself from stress, ultraviolet rays, toxins, and other harmful exposures. As you sleep, your body repairs your muscles, your cells produce the protein your body needs.

If your sleep is disturbed and inconsistent, your body can't function at its optimal level. Over time, insomnia becomes a harmful pattern that's hard to break. 

For many people, a cooling topper helps to improve sleep and regulate body temperature. This leads to a better night's sleep allowing your body to rest and rejuvenate as it should.

Adds Comfort

If you have a mattress that feels too soft or too hard, it's frustrating when you can't get comfortable during the night. Besides its cooling benefits, a mattress topper adds some extra comfort to your bed.

Whether you prefer a softer surface or a firmer one, you can find a topper that's perfect for you. A quality topper cushions your pressure points no matter what position you sleep in.

Cooling gel and memory foam mold to your body and offer full-body support as you sleep. The cooling properties of the topper increase airflow as you sleep.

As the air circulates, it keeps you cool and comfortable. Even if your mattress is new, a cooling topper can make it even better. 

Reduces Pressure

A mattress that's too hard or too soft can increase your back, neck, or shoulder pain. A quality mattress topper helps relieve pain by allowing your body to align itself naturally. 

The topper helps cushion your body while providing the support you need. Cooling gel memory foam is great for side sleepers too.

It helps take the pressure off your shoulders and hips and aligns the spine for maximum comfort. If you suffer from aches and pains and your mattress isn't helping, give a cooling mattress topper a try.

Protects Your bed

Mattresses typically last around 10 years. If you rotate it on a regular basis and take good care of it, it may last a little longer. 

One way to protect your mattress and prolong its life is to use a mattress topper. This helps to protect your bed from stains, germs, dust, and mold.

As you sleep, your mattress absorbs your sweat and natural body oils. Over time this can make your mattress look dirty and smell bad. 

A cooling mattress cover helps protect and extend the life of your mattress. 

Saves You Money

A new mattress can cost thousands of dollars, while a cooling topper is much less expensive. Although a great night's sleep is priceless, you may not be able to afford a top of the line mattress right now.

A cooling topper is comfortable and affordable. It may help you achieve a better quality of sleep than your current mattress.

A quality cooling topper supports your body and wicks away moisture keeping you cool through the night.

Whether you need to extend the life of your old mattress or your new mattress isn't as comfortable as you'd like, a quality topper is an affordable solution.

Makes Cleaning Easy

If you've ever spilled your morning coffee on your bed, you know how hard it is to get stains out of a mattress. It's almost impossible!

A topper protects your mattress from stains, germs, dust mites, and more. It extends the life of your mattress and makes cleaning is a breeze.

A mattress topper is compact, so it's easy to clean. You can take the topper off and pop it in the washing machine.

Most toppers come with a removable cover you can wash and replace on a regular basis. You can also buy sheets to fit over both the topper and mattress. 

Keep your mattress clean and protected with an easy-to-clean cooling topper.

Reduces Your Stress

When you're sleep-deprived, you can't function at your best. Lack of sleep stresses the body, raises your blood pressure, and increases stress hormones.

It's normal to have trouble sleeping once in a while. But if you struggle to sleep night after night, you need to make a change.

If your mattress is the problem, a cooling topper may be the answer. A good night's sleep relaxes the body and increases your energy levels for a new day.

Cooling toppers offer cushioning support, air circulation, and motion transfer resistance. This could equal a better night's sleep and lower stress levels for you.

Try a Cooling Mattress Topper

Whether you're hoping to improve the comfort level of an old or new mattress, a cooling mattress topper will help. They're cooling, comfortable, and economical too.

A good night's sleep is waiting for you. Be sure to check out our quality bedding and other comfort products too.