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Our Certified Organic Hybrid Latex mattress is the purest organic mattress on the market. Greenguard Gold, GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and GOTS certified organic wool. Designed in collaboration with OMI in California, the leading certified manufacturer of mattresses in the USA. No polyurethane foams, synthetic material, or toxic fire retardants used.

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Handmade to order in California using sustainable materials.

Expect your mattress to ship 8-12 business days after ordering. Ships in 2 or 3 boxes.

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Comfort Guarantee

USA Made

Certified Organic

5-Star Customer Service

Radically honest ingredients

The Certified Organic Hybrid Latex mattress contains thoughtfully sourced materials from sustainable sources around the world. Once these materials are treated in a zero chemical Ozone chamber, all microbes are eliminated. Once treated, this mattress is created in a certified organic manufacturing facility called an ECO-FACTORY™ in Northern California, owned and operated my OMI. OMI has been manufacturing mattresses of the utmost quality for over 30 years. You can read more on OMI's story here.

GOTS Certified Cotton

We use unbleached GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton knit and woven fabrics to create a high quality exterior cover. No chemical treatments.

GOTS Certified Wool

GOTS certified organic wool which has been sourced from New Zealand, where the highest standards and regulations are adhered to in the world.

GOLS Certified Latex

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic latex used in this mattress is the most pure available. Free from synthetic fillers, then wrapped in an easy to move layer of organic cotton.

Trust where you sleep

Clean, supportive latex

Kiss sleepless nights goodbye

"We love the organic theme here and are desperate for this bed to score highly. It is only by making sound investments in firms that care about sustainability that we can preserve the future of the planet for generations to come. We like to see these kind of firms do well… but we will try not to let that influence our scoring!"

Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Review


"Nest Bedding’s certified organic mattress is a remarkably pure mattress that is perfect for eco-purists who want to sleep on something as close to nature as possible. We have discovered one of Sustainable Slumber’s favorite mattresses that is a top-pick for eco-conscious sleepers!"

Nest Bedding's Certified Organic Mattress


"When we think of a dream eco-friendly mattress, the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress is exactly what we are thinking about."

Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Review

Designed with sustainability in mind

All mattresses will wear down over time. So, we've designed the Certified Organic Hybrid mattress with a zipper to allow you to get the most our of your mattress and decrease the amount of mattress waste in our landfills.

During your initial 100-night trial, you may exchange to another feel by simply unzipping your mattress and placing a new comfort layer inside. We suggest that you rotate or flip your feel layer every six months to evenly distribute wear. *An exchange is $100.

If decreasing waste and getting more out of your mattress isn't enough, you can also opt to purchase a comfort layer from us years down the road. This allows you to double or even triple the lifespan of your Certified Organic Hybrid!

The comfort layer

Gently unzip your mattress to reveal the socked layer of pure certified organic latex. We've encased this layer in an organic jersey knit cotton to make handling easily done and decrease the chance of irritation to your hands.


Handmade by skilled craftsmen

Each mattress, once ordered, will begin its journey from scratch. Each component is carefully sourced, cleansed, and prepared, prior to going into your mattress. Our certified ECO-FACTORY takes great care in upholding the organic standards expected. The quality of the mattresses produced are unparalleled.


Firmness Comparison

Certified Organic Hybrid Latex | Feel Guide







Product Specs

Measurements & Dimensions

Twin - Available in Plush, Medium, and Firm.
38" W x 75" L x 12" H
55 lbs.
Twin XL - Available in Plush, Medium, and Firm.
38" W x 80" L x 12" H
60 lbs.
Full - Available in Plush, Medium, and Firm.
54" W x 75" L x 12" H
85 lbs.
Queen - Available in Plush, Medium, and Firm.
60" W x 80" L x 12" H
105 lbs.
King - Available in Plush, Medium, Firm, and Internal Split.
76" W x 80" L x 12" H
125 lbs.
Cal King - Available in Plush, Medium, Firm, and Internal Split.
72" W x 84" L x 12" H
125 lbs.
*Internal Split: Offered in King and Cal King sizes only, allowing a custom feel for either side of the mattress as dual comfort.

Materials & Certifications

GOTS Certificate No. 823400 - The Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress in partnership with OMI uses the highest-quality certified organic wool and cotton raw materials and fabric available, which are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by Control Union. The aim of the Standard is to define requirements that ensure the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way up to labeling, in order to provide credible organic assurance to the end consumer. The GOTS certificate can be viewed here.
GOLS Certificate No. CU823400 - The Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress, in partnership with OMI holds this certificate for the latex core used in this mattress. This standard ensures that no less than 95% pure natural rubber latex is used. The GOLS certificate can be viewed here.


Shipping is free and depending on your location, will ship via freight UPS or UPS ground shipping. Shipping times can vary from two to five business days, depending on your location in the USA.
*Additional shipping rates apply on all orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

Internal Layers


Quilted GOTS Certified Cotton Cover


GOTS Wool Batting (the fire barrier)


GOLS Latex, covered in 10-oz. COTS Cotton


Pocketed Coil Innerspring System

Once your mattress arrives.

What to expect when your order arrives

The packaging

Your Certified Organic Hybrid Latex mattress will take 8-12 business days to produce in our certified organic facility in California. This mattress ships unassembled and arrives in two or three boxes, depending on the size.

Unboxing and constructing

Once you receive your mattress, place the cover on a clean open surface, fully expanded. Lay the individually wrapped coils on the cover, followed by the socked organic latex. Proceed to zip the mattress up.

*Each order will arrive with a supplemental foundation layer, designed to go between your mattress and your foundation. Please do not place this layer inside the mattress.

Real reviews from real sleepers.


Return, Exchange & Warranty


How to return my Nest Bedding mattress?

Most of our mattresses are designed so that we can decrease as much waste in the world as possible. If you are on one of our adjustable mattresses, we hope that you've had a chance to exchange to an alternative firmness before deciding to return.

Thank you for giving your Nest Bedding mattress a fair chance and trying out the best for at least 30 nights. To initiate a return, please reach out to our Customer Service team through the form here, visit the store you purchased from, or you can email us directly at customerservice@nestbedding.com. We will request some basic information to help diagnose your sleep issues, and often we will request pictures of your mattress, pictures of the legal tag and the base that supports it. Once approved for a return, you have 30 days to complete the process. After 30 days, return privileges are forfeit.

Once approved for return, we will provide you with a donation, disposal or pick-up option. The mattress must be in donatable condition to be eligible for return (e.g., no stains, tears or soiling odors). We'll verify it is clean and donatable from the pictures that we've requested. Nest Bedding works with charitable organizations and 3rd party disposal services. Alternatively, you may donate to the charitable organization of your choosing. We hope that your returned mattress can go to a good cause as we want to keep as many mattresses out of our landfills as possible.

Once you receive your donation receipt or proof of disposal, we'll issue a refund.

Want all the details? See our Terms of Service.


Tell me about the 100-night sleep trial for my mattress.

Your new Nest Bedding mattress comes with our industry standard 100-night sleep trial. The trial begins on the date you receive your mattress and cannot be extended or paused. Please note that our mattress return policy allows for one mattress return per customer, per calendar year from the date of purchase.


Do I need to try my mattress out before considering a return?

Your body needs time to adjust to a new mattress, just like your feet need time to adjust to new shoes, so expect some aches and pains in the process. We ask that you give your mattress a try for 30-nights minimum before initiating a return.

But, if you are feeling uncomfortable, please reach out to us so we can help you sleep more peacefully. Sleeping well isn't just about a new bed and we've been doing this for a very long time. Our Expert Nestologists are standing by to help you.

Returns initiated on unboxed mattresses, prior to the 30th night, will incur a 25% restocking fee.


How long do I have to complete my return?

Once we've approved your return request, you have 30-days to complete the return. Beyond the 30-days, return privileges are forfeit.


Things to consider prior to requesting a return

Mattresses left compressed in their packaging for over 30 days may not expand properly. Mattresses compressed over the 30 days are at risk of warranty infringement. Please expand your mattress within 30 days of delivery.

Is your mattress on the right kind of foundation? Nest Bedding mattresses are designed to work with mostly all foundations, except those that flex when pressure is applied. Traditional box springs and flexible slat systems change the intended feel of your mattress, which is why we require a solid foundations, with slats every four inches at a maximum.



How do I initiate a comfort exchange?

Nest Bedding mattresses are eligible for Comfort Exchange after our required 30 day adjustment period and within 100 days of the delivery date of your original mattress. A Comfort Exchange is available once per customer, per calendar year.

Once approved to exchange, you have 30 days to complete the process. After 30 days, a new request to exchange must be submitted. Exchange requests will not be approved if the mattress is damaged or destroyed.


Do I need to purchase my exchange?

Yes. You may purchase the exchange mattress or firmness layer (on applicable mattresses with zipper tops). Exchange purchase can be initiated by contacting Nest Bedding Customer Service at customerservice@nestbedding.com, by visiting our website at www.nestbedding.com or through a Nest Bedding showroom near you.

Certain Nest Bedding mattresses have zippered tops, allowing the internal comfort layer to be exchanged and thus saving our planet from yet another mattress in our overfilled landfills.


What do I do with my original mattress?

Once you receive the exchange mattress or firmness layer, you may initiate the return of your first mattress or firmness layer for a full refund of the original item’s purchase price or cost of that layer.

Please refer to the return instructions found above for further details.


What happens to my 100 night trial?

The 100 Night Trial on mattresses does not extend or shorten once an exchange is received. Your 100 Night Trial will expire at 100 days from the day you received your mattress.



Nest Bedding warranty eligibility.

This limited warranty applies to the original purchasers of the Nest Bedding mattress from Nest Bedding stores, online or authorized retailer. This Limited Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owners of such mattress.

Mattresses left compressed in their packaging for over 30 days may not expand properly. Mattresses compressed over the 30 days are at risk of warranty infringement. Please expand your mattress within 30 days of delivery.


Warranty coverage.

The Nest Bedding Mattress Warranty covers all defects as defined below for as long as you own your Nest Bedding mattress.


Covered defects and what's not covered.

The following shall be considered as a defective (collectively “Defects”) mattress should your mattress meet the below criteria as determined solely by us:

Visible indention or sag of the foam mattress greater than one (1) inch that is not a result of improper use, an improper bed, bed base or foundation, including damaged caused by the use of flexing or bowed slats.
A manufacturing flaw in the cover zipper - this does not include zipper breakage resulting from improper or overuse of zipper.
A physical flaw in the construction of the cover, such as fabric tearing or stitch unraveling, that does not result from improper use.

Problems and issues that result from normal wear and tear or improper use are not subject to this Limited Warranty. The intended use of your Nest Bedding mattress is for sleeping, resting, and laying on, any other use of this mattress shall be considered misuse of the mattress and will void your Limited Warranty. Warranty is non-prorated.

Exclusions from the Limited Warranty include but are not limited to

Normal wear and tear.
Any improper use of the mattress.
Minor imperfections such as slight cosmetic flaws.
Stains, tears, burns, and discoloration that occur over time and/or are caused by you.
  • The growth of mold due improper storage or use.
Indents, sagging, or body indentations less than one (1) inch deep.
Personal opinions or preferences regarding the softness, firmness or attributes of a mattress.
Any mattresses purchased or acquired used, resold, gifted or anyway not in possession of the original owner.
Any mattress purchased from a non-authorized Nest Bedding distributor.
Physical damage to the foam mattress caused by you.
Allergies or sensitivities to fabrics or materials.
Damage caused by animals, rodents or children.
Naturally occurring aromas from foam, cotton, or other materials.


Making a warranty claim.

To submit a claim relating to a defect in your Nest Bedding mattress, please contact us here, at customerservice@nestbedding.com or by the store of purchase and give us the following:

The order number and/or the first and last name of who placed the order.
A brief description of what is going on with the mattress.
A photo or short video documenting the issue you are experiencing.

Our solution to your warranty claim.

In the event that we in our sole discretion determine that your Defect is legitimate as per this Limited Warranty, your sole remedy will be a repair or replacement of your mattress with a comparable size and model mattress. In the event that your size and/or model is discontinued, we will provide the most comparable Nest Bedding mattress product available as a replacement at our sole discretion.

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