Natural Mattresses

Why Consider A Natural Or Organic Mattress? Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Looking For A Natural Mattress

  1. Free of harmful fire retardant chemicals - Most people don't realize that the mattress you buy is full of plastics, chemicals and fire retardants, which can harm your body and your immune system. Organic Mattresses and Natural Mattresses use natural materials and do not introduce harmful chemicals to your home.
  2. Last Longer Than Conventional Mattresses - Conventional mattresses are made with plastic fill and fibers, polyurethane foams and coils, which are materials that do not last a long period of time. Natural Mattresses are made with latex rubber which can last for decades if properly cared for.
  3. Better Value - Natural or Organic Mattresses, like the Q3 at Nest Bedding, cost around the same a mid-range Tempurpedic and yet will last longer and has replaceable components.
  4. Sleeps Cooler - Traditionally, natural mattresses breath better than plastic, polyurethane mattresses, making for a better, deeper sleep.
  5. Better for the Environment - At the end of most mattress's life span, they head to the landfill, where the plastics, chemicals and polyurethanes do not break down. Natural Mattresses, made with wool, cotton and latex, all will break down and biodegrade.

Nest Bedding is one of the leading sources for affordable natural and organic content mattresses. Nest Bedding Mattresses are made here in the USA. Using organic cotton and organic wool, and your choice of certified organic latex or Oeko Tex certified blended latex, for our friends who have latex allergies but don't want a memory foam mattress.

Nest Bedding utilizes zoned latex to ensure that your new natural mattress will support the natural curves of your body while allowing the mattress to provide maximum comfort. We also use a unique compress packing manufacturing process which allows us to cut out a lot of the transportation costs associated with most mattresses, passing the savings on to you. This is why you will find the prices of comparable organic mattresses to be more than your affordable Nest Bedding Natural Mattress.

Nest Bedding also is proud to carry the Gemma Natural Certified Foam Mattresses, the world's first Oeko Tex Certified foam mattresses. The Gemma Foam Mattresses are made with 60% natural plant oils, organic cotton covers and are tested to Baby Product safe by internationally respected Oeko Tex testing.