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Nectar Sleep vs. Nest Bedding

Apr 26, 2017

Nectar Sleep vs. Nest Bedding

Lately, if you Google Search "Nest Bedding" you will see the ads at the top of the page stating a comparison of Nest Bedding and a company called "Nectar Sleep". What is Nectar Sleep and why are they comparing themselves to Nest Bedding?

Nectar Sleep is a brand new company that just recently started selling mattresses. They manufacturer their foam cores in China then ship them over to the USA. While touting a Forever Warranty, they just started, so time will tell how the beds will hold up and the quality of the beds.

Nest Bedding has been making beds for over 5 years and is recognized as one of the leading mattress makers and brands in the country. We manufacture at our own facility in the USA and we have sold 100's of thousands of products around the world. And we also have physical stores, a benefit that sets us apart from other online only brands, like Nectar Sleep. If you Google Search Nectar Sleep headquarters, you will find they are located in a residential house in San Mateo, Ca. We have real offices in the Bay Area and real stores where you can talk to real people who work for our company.

As for the product, it's hard to compare because there is a lot of incorrect information on Nectar Sleep's webpage. For example, they state their mattresses are Bed Bug Resistant. This is not true, as there is no such thing unless it's covered in pesticides, and I doubt they are shipping mattress with bug spray. Also, they claim awards and press citations that are non-existent. Nest Bedding has years of press accolades and achievements, and thousands of real reviews, good and bad, to help you make your decision.

While we welcome healthy competition, we always encourage consumers to compare based on truthful reviews. All of the "Experts" on the front page of Nectar Sleep are paid affiliates, who are paid extra to say that Nectar Sleep is the best. While this is unfair and illegal according to the FTC, Nest Bedding trusts that consumers will take the whole of the internet review sites and individual consumer reviews to make an informed and correct decision.

When you are looking for a new mattress, one that is USA made and will last a long time, choose Nest Bedding. Nectar Sleep lacks integrity and longevity, making them a poor value choice.

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Why Does Nest Bedding Require Certain Types of Bases for their Beds?

Apr 18, 2017

Why Does Nest Bedding Require Certain Types of Bases for their Beds?

When researching mattresses, you will find that every site has it's own set of policies and procedures on how to use their bed. And this is what sets our site apart from many other mattresses you find online. 

Many online mattress companies have little to no actual experience selling and building beds, they merely are marketing companies, having their beds made for them and focusing on selling them. 

And while their beds may be great, this lack of experience starts to show in they recommend their beds are used.

Some companies will tell you it is perfectly acceptable to put their mattress directly on the floor for continuous use. And while that makes a fine support, the potential issues are heat retention and long term mold buildup. And while some will say it's fine to put the bed on any type of base, that just shows their lack of experience as well. Putting a bed on a flexible base, like bowed slats or an older style box spring that bends with springs, will allow the mattress to bow and bend, even slightly, which can rob the bed is properly aligning your back.

And it never fails, as much as we try to educate consumers on the importance of using the correct base, we will get customers who are angry with us because other companies don't specify the type of base the bed should be on.

I try to help people understand that proper back alignment is similar to back support in a car seat. If you have ever driven a long distance in a car, in particular one with a seat that doesn't have proper lumbar support, you start to feel that ache in your lower back after about an hour. Same concept with your mattress. And just that few inches of adjusting the lumbar in your car seat can make all the difference in the world, same holds true for the bed. If you are sinking just even an inch or two in the middle because the base is bending, that is enough to put your back out of alignment. 

We will continue to sell beds the right way rather than give in to the current trend of mattress startups who tell consumers to put the bed on any old base. Nest Bedding believes in helping people sleep and educating them as opposed to just selling lots of beds and hoping most of them work out for consumers.

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Our Press Accolades and Citations are Actually Real!

Apr 17, 2017

Our Press Accolades and Citations are Actually Real!

Have you visited websites to find citations to major press outlets and quotes? Clicking them on can be quite an adventure. Take our friends at Nectar Sleep for instance. If you click on their press citations, they don't really talk about Nectar Sleep. Putting the logo of a major press outlet to try and garner consumer confidence is unethical and frankly pathetic.

Nest Bedding has been in business for several years now, and we have earned our press by offering great products and great prices then backing it up with great customer service. For example, our latest article mention comes from Women's Daily magazine. They did a great piece on the online mattress offerings, and after trying many, declared our Alexander Hybrid the best mattress on the internet.

So, when you are doing your research on which company to do business with, go with a company that has integrity and excellent customer service ratings.

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The Problem With The "One Perfect Mattress" Retail Store

Jan 27, 2017

The Problem With The

The emergence of the "One Perfect Mattress" online business model has captured the fascination of consumers everywhere. The allure and promise of one mattress solving all sleep issues for all body types has spurred a mattress revolution online as companies like Leesa, Tuft and Needle and Casper have poured untold millions into marketing their "One Mattress Fits All" product offering.

However, as many consumers have discovered through trial and error, one feel or one type of mattress material doesn't work for everyone, of course. The 300 lb truck driver with a bad back isn't going to experience a 10" foam mattress the same as a 20-something in perfect health. It's a simple matter of a few inches of foam not feeling the same with different amounts of weight and pressure points; everyone is different and has different needs.

Then why have these brands enjoyed seemingly unbridled success? It's simple: Your imagination.

Marketing messages fill your head with promises of unbridled happiness, unbound success and everlasting life. Don't believe me? Watch the Superbowl ads. Car ads with happy families, medicine ads that will cure all that ails you, ads for products ensuring your life will be greatly improved if you only buy their products.

The same is true with the "One Mattress Fits All" message. If you can't lay on the bed to feel it, your imagination fills in the gap. If everyone online loves it, if one mattress truly does seemingly work for everyone, then it must be able to work for me. Without a store nearby to try it, you imagine it will work for you as well. 

But if these "One Mattress Fits All" brands begin to build stores or put their mattress in retail outlets, now the imagination is taken out of the equation. You can define it. You can see it, touch it, lay on it, experience it. And that becomes a problem.

I remember when I first started Nest Bedding. We had only 7 mattresses on the showroom floor. Customers would sometimes comment, "Is this all you have?" 

When you imagine the bed will work for you, because of your imagination and because of marketing, you are more willing to order online and take a chance. But once you can lay on it, if you find that it isn't that comfortable, or you can feel that it isn't the quality you were expecting, you just defined that expectation. You narrowed your imagination down to a very specific opinion. Where you were willing to take a chance in the dark, now you either like the feel or you don't.

The "One Mattress Fits All" brands would be better off staying online and not building stores, at least until they were ready to admit their one offering model is not sustainable at retail and offer other feels and other materials.

Where we have customers in the door who hate foam, they love our Nest Bedding latex beds. And those who don't like coil beds love our best selling, highest rated Alexander Signature Series. You get the picture. We have foam, coils and latex. We have firm, medium and soft. We have a smart selection of beds for all type of sleepers. We can legitimately say we have something for everyone instead of trying to shoehorn everyone into one feel, one material and tell them it will cure all that ails them.

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See Nest Bedding in the Minneapolis Area at Sleep Sherpa Showroom!

Dec 03, 2016

Sleep Sherpa Showroom
7301 Washington Ave S. Edina, MN 55439
Phone: (612) 354-6107


Monday 11am-7pm
Tuesday 11am-7pm
Wednesday 11am-7pm
Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Come see Ben of fame and experience Nest Bedding! You will find an Alexander Hybrid and several other online mattress offerings. Also, they have the Easy Breather pillows and maybe even a new Love & Sleep mattress! 

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The Truth about Love&Sleep

Nov 16, 2016

In the coming days, a new big announcement is coming from Nest Bedding. We are a company on the move, a family owned business that has become the "little engine that could" of the mattress world. Nest Bedding has become a national brand based on word of mouth and our amazing products at reasonable prices.

But what is this big announcement?


What is Love&Sleep?

A mattress that is truly factory-direct. While some companies like to fancy themselves as "cutting out the middleman", they actually buy their beds from factories all around the country. This makes them a middleman. The Love&Sleep mattress will truly be a factory-direct mattress with no middleman markup.

A better quality mattress. Smarter, Cooler, Better. For $600 Queen. That's right, a high quality, USA made, factory-direct, cool sleeping, supportive, comfortable mattress, with choice of firm or medium, for $600. What does it matter if a bed has 10,000 reviews if it isn't comfortable for you? We give you the choice of firmness instead of shoe-horning you into one feel and telling you it's perfect.

How is it Smarter, Cooler, Better? What does $600 get you?

  • More supportive: Our layering allows your body to be more supportive than the conventional 2 flat layers. More comfortable in the hips and shoulders.
  • Better Cover: You can't see through the Love&Sleep cover, the material is thicker and long lasting. 
  • Cooler Sleep Surface: Our covers come standard with the high performance Adaptive Cooling Fabric, which helps regulate body temps while you sleep. Our competitors do not have this feature. Cool sleep helps you sleep better, deeper.
  • Love&Sleep Gel Cooling Layer: 3" of comfortable, breathable Gel 2.8 density Love&Sleep foam outperforms conventional foams. 
  • Convoluted air flow layer: Why not add more cooling features? We did! Instead of a layer of glue between the two layers, which doesn't breathe, we added a layer of convoluted air flow foam between the comfort and support layers. This adds more air flow and more comfort, allowing the top layer to better conform to your curves. 
  • Durable Base Support Layer: A solid foundation is key to the durability of any structure, so we used the most durable base materials we can find. 

What you get from our competitors for $600:

  • Not factory direct. They buy from several factories and then sell it to you. They are the middleman.
  • Thin, see-through covers: The fabrics are very thin, which is not very durable.
  • No Performance cooling fabric.
  • No choice in feel, you are stuck with one firmness.
  • A layer of glue between two layers of foam equals diminished air flow.
  • Not as confirming and thus, not as supportive. You will feel that mostly in your shoulders and hips.

Santa came early this year boys and girls, and he brought the Love&Sleep mattress. Joy to the world!

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Something Truly New; The First Luxury Performance Mattress - ActiveX

Oct 27, 2016

active x

They say there is nothing new under the sun. But they didn't see the ActiveX bed coming. The first Luxury Performance Mattress. And the first mattress that puts the power of choice in your hands; choose your color, a first for the mattress business.

Introducing ActiveX, the first Luxury Performance mattress. What is a Luxury Performance mattress? 

The ActiveX was designed by active people, for active people. With everyone from NBA superstars, NFL rookies and MLB Hall of Famers sleeping on Nest Bedding mattresses and bedding, we took all this experience and crafted a bed that gives hard working, active people a comfortable and cool sleeping experience.

Health experts agree that cooling down at night is key for deep, restorative sleep. The hypothalamus regulates body temperature between 96.8 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit over each 24 hour cycle. During the normal human circadian rhythm, sleep occurs when the core temperature is dropping. Sleep usually begins when the rate of temperature change and body heat loss is maximal.

The ActiveX helps by providing 4 fundamental cooling elements in one mattress:

  1. The unique mesh construction - The stylish black mesh isn't just to make it look like the coolest mattress on the planet, it actually provides maximum air flow to help it BE one of the coolest mattresses on the planet.
  2. Our amazing Phase Change Performance Cover - The same phase change fabrics used in high end sports performance clothing is in our cover, helping the surface to regulate a cooler sleep environment.
  3. Nest Bedding LUMA GEL foam. Proven to dissipate heat at a faster rate than conventional foam and more breathable than conventional foams.
  4. Our unique layering system provides maximum air flow throughout and between the layers of foam to work in unison with the other cooling features of the ActiveX bed.

These 4 cooling features lead to a mattress that has garnered some great compliments from customers and one wonderful complaint: The bed is too cold! 

The Luxury part of the Luxury Performance of the ActiveX comes from the quality of the cover, the integrity of the foams and the amazing edge support. We did not cut corners and try to make the cheapest bed. Instead, we worked with industry leaders to craft a bed from the best available materials and the latest technology then priced it to be competitive with beds 2 to 3 times the price. The bed comes in one feel, that "just right" feel which works well for back, stomach and side sleepers. 

And the best part? You get to choose your own color! We took the latest in sportswear, sports shoes and sports car design elements to design a bed that looks like no other bed on the market. And with three distinct color choices, ActiveX is the first mattress on the market that offers you a chance to choose your color. Pair the ActiveX with our newest Nest Bedding Bamboo Sheets for the ultimate in luxury and performance.

The ActiveX bed is now available exclusively at Nest Bedding.

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The new Leesa Sapira vs. The Alexander Hybrid Mattress

Oct 11, 2016

Leesa just released their attempt to compete with other luxury hybrid mattresses on the ecommerce market. According to customers and reviewers, the Alexander Hybrid is one of the most comfortable luxury mattresses on the market, so it was interesting to compare the new Leesa Sapira mattress head to head with the Alexander Hybrid.

Our friend Derek at Sleepopolis is always very thorough in his reviews and did a nice job of testing both beds. You can read the review here of the Sapira and the review of the Alexander Hybrid here.

Leesa claims to be a brand new hybrid mattress designed to be the ultimate in luxury for the true connoisseurs of sleep. While it is priced hundreds more than the Alexander Hybrid, we believe there is little more to offer to make it better than the Alexander Hybrid, or even comparative.

The Core: The Leesa Sapira appears to have the latest zoned edge support coil unit on the market. The Alexander Hybrid employs the Quantum Edge Support Coil unit from Leggett and Platt. This coil unit is their most expensive and highest quality, so much so that it can be compress-packed with no issues. 

Next, the Sapira has two 1 1/2" layers of foam, one 3.75lb foam, one at 4 lbs. The Alexander Hybrid uses the 3.5 lb copper infused foam. Above the foam is a quilted top with an additional 1 1/2" of foam, while the Sapira has a fabric cover only. Both mattresses use a 1" foam layer between the memory foam and the coil unit.

Despite the obvious similarities in the construction, the Sapira is hundreds of dollars more than the Alexander Hybrid. $475 more in the queen, in fact. The Alexander Hybrid, at $999 in a queen, has many positive reviews and a very high customer satisfaction rating on the unbiased review site, which you can see here. In fact, it is one of the highest rated beds out of all brands.

The Alexander Hybrid has a few features you will not find in the more expensive Sapira mattress: The Alexander Hybrid uses a phase change fabric treatment called Adaptive, found in higher end sports clothing, to help regulate body temperature. Also, you will find a luxurious quilted top, handmade, which gives the bed a very plush feel. Lastly, the Alexander Hybrid carries a superior 20 year warranty, yet the "luxury" Sapira is only 10 year. You decide what is the better value. You will find that the Alexander Hybrid weighs in a just $999 with free shipping as opposed to the Sapira, which goes for $1475 and offers no discounts. 

Compared side by side, the Alexander Hybrid is the clear value.


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Adaptive Phase Change Fabrics now Standard on The Love Bed and Alexander Series Beds.

Oct 10, 2016

Adaptive Phase Change fabrics are now included as a feature on all Love Bed, Alexander Signature Series and Alexander Hybrid mattresses. Adaptive, as explained in the video above will help you sleep cooler and more comfortably. This material is now standard and there is no increase in the price of our beds. You will not find phase change fabrics on many mattresses on the market. Nest Bedding is consistently working to make our beds better and a better value.

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Why We Don't Claim To Have "One Perfect Mattress"

Aug 16, 2016

If you have done any research in your quest for a new mattress, you no doubt have run across ads for companies claiming to have invented the "One Perfect Mattress". If you have done any mattress shopping, you know there is no way humanly possible to make a mattress which solves every customer's issues. If you are a 275 lb man with lower back issues, you are going to need a mattress that is more substantial, while a young lady in perfect health who likes a bed she can sink into will need something entirely different.

While the marketing sounds wonderful, the reality is that if you walk into a mattress store and find one bed, you would likely be left wanting. And while their one bed may work for some, it can't work for all.

It's why we have a line up of mattresses, for every budget and every type of sleeper. We offer latex for those who want a more natural type of bed, pocketed coils for customers who enjoy a coil bed, and our increasingly popular Alexander Signature line of foam beds and our Love Beds. And you will find these beds in different feels as well.

Instead of shoe-horning customers into one bed, we will work with you to find the perfect fit, within your budget, to help you achieve perfect rest. We don't claim to have invented the mattress, instead we have 20 years experience helping customers get great rest. 

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