January 06, 2015

Help Your Child Sleep Better With These 4 Tips

A lot of kids enjoy a little snack right before they head to bed, but what we serve our kiddos can help make or break their ability to sleep well. Nest Bedding has some great tips to help. View full article →
December 17, 2014

The Natural Version Of Our Easy Breather Pillow

The best selling product at Nest Bedding in 2014, by far, has been our Easy Breather Pillow. We have been selling them far and wide, with orders around the world. The success of the Easy Breather Pillow has led to more products in our Easy Breather lineup, including the new Easy Breather Natural Mattress and The Easy Breather Natural Pillow.

The Easy Breather Natural Pillow is now available online here and also is being sold alongside our Easy Breather Pillow. The natural version features natural latex noodles instead of the CertiPUR certified memory foam noodles. This gives The Easy Breather Natural Pillow a bit more bounce and spring-back than The Easy Breather Pillow and is great for those who want more natural products in their life.

Why are the Easy Breather Pillows so popular? Why is it one of the best selling pillows of all time?

The pillow was develop in part by the owner at Nest Bedding out of a desire to have a more comfortable and supportive pillow. He struggled to find the perfect blend of supportive pillow and yet one that slept cool and did not put too much pressure on his face. As most of you know, the wrong pillow can lead to a stiff neck, restless sleep and a sweaty face. 

The Easy Breather Pillows solve these issues. Supportive because of the noodle material of foam, breathable due to the its design and the distinctive mesh band around the pillow, The Easy Breather Pillows hold their shape throughout the night to provide proper support and that "not too soft, not too firm" feel.


October 15, 2014

The Easy Breather Pillow 2.0 - The Best Pillow You Will Ever Own

Our most popular pillow has gotten even better! The Easy Breather pillow from Nest Bedding is soft and supportive, made right here in the USA. We've redesigned the entire pillow to provide a cooler sleeping experience at a very affordable price. The new Easy Breather pillow boasts a Tencel cover and our patent pending, cerfified gel infused memory foam noodles to give this pillow the versatility that no other memory foam pillow provides! View full article →
September 14, 2014

These 4 Things Can Ruin Your New Mattress

Buying a new mattress can make a world of difference in your quality of sleep, and when you spend a lot of money on a new bed, you expect to get great sleep. But what happens when you get the new mattress home only to find it doesn't do all its promised to do? We hear it all the time: The mattress we got just isn't cutting it. We are waking up with pain or its making us sleep hot. But wait, shouldn't all that money you spent mean you are sleeping better, and not worse? View full article →
August 29, 2014

Increase Your Quality of Life with Technology and Get Some Sleep

Experts disagree. As a matter of fact, lack of sleep is considered a public epidemic. Lack of sleep can be the cause of you not being able to do your job to the best of your ability, falling asleep while you drive and during the day, and the root of clouded, unclear thinking. People who have sleep problems are more apt to have cancer, diabetes, and be depressed. View full article →
August 06, 2014

Nest Bedding - The Natural Mattress Store

Nest Bedding wants to be your Natural Mattress Store. Sure, there are other stores selling mattresses and selling organic or natural mattresses. Why should you consider Nest Bedding to be your Natural Mattress Store? I think the best reason I have heard lately was during an interview with a young man who had quit one of the other Natural Mattress Stores he and his wife worked at. He told me he simply ran out of compelling reasons to give people when they asked why they should buy the natural mattresses he was selling. 

Nest Bedding has worked hard to bring to consumers not only high quality and affordable options for their next natural mattress and bedding purchase, but we also believe that when you claim to be natural and organic, you should have valid third party testing for every major component of that product. For example, our organic natural mattresses, which you can see in our Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley or Mountain View locations, carry organic certification for the latex, wool and cotton. Most Natural Mattress Stores will carry organic certification on the wool and cotton, but not the latex. Beware!

Our Organic Cotton Sheet Sets, which are manufactured right here in the USA, are made with USDA certified organic cotton to ensure their purity. In fact, we strive to find products with valid, third party testing to back their claims, such as Oregon Tilth Certification, USDA Certifications, Oeko Tex Certification and Certi-PUR on our foams.

Most of our competitors in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Los Angeles carry some great products, but like the salesman said about compelling reasons, Nest Bedding's organic mattresses not only are made with certified components, but they are comfortable, supportive and some of the most affordable in the market. How do we do this?

First, our overhead is not huge. We don't have oversized showrooms in expensive parts of town. All of our mattresses, both our organic latex mattresses and our natural memory foam mattresses come compress-packed to keep expenses down. And we don't ship anything from China.

Next, we never run sales. Why is this a good thing? You can buy with confidence any time of the year and know you are getting the best deal you will get. Most mattress companies have inflated prices and then bring the prices down during a sale. The sale price is where the bed likely should be priced to begin with. We prefer to honor and respect our customers with quality mattresses and bedding at affordable prices, all the time.

A natural mattress can be just what the doctor ordered, as they typically perfect for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities, or for people looking to limit their chemical exposure.


August 05, 2014

Mattress Shopping 101

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to shop for a mattress. Over my long and illustrious career helping literally thousand and thousand of good folks choose the right organic or certified mattress for their sleep needs, I have seen many Mattress Shopping mistakes. Here are a few:

  1. Dress Appropriately! Believe it or not, there is an appropriate and an inappropriate way to dress when out shopping for a mattress. Short skirts, revealing clothing, tight pants or shirts, dirty clothing or shoes...all not the best attire when shopping for a mattress. You want to wear loose or cozy fitting clothing, cotton or lightweight so you can feel the breathability of the mattress and comfort of the surface. Sandal or slip on shoes for ease of slipping out of your shoes and no hats.
  2. Leave The Food At The Door. Walking around a mattress store with food and/or a beverage could potentially leave merchandise with damage and incur liability. Focus on picking out the best organic mattress or memory foam mattress for your needs, you can eat later. And if you buy from Nest Bedding, you will have more money left than if you bought an overpriced name brand mattress.
  3. Bring Change. Prepare to stay awhile and be non-rushed. Being in a hurry will not give you a chance to slow down and relax. Give your body a chance to unwind as you are laying on that fancy new latex mattress from Nest Bedding, or the top selling Bed in a Box memory foam mattress. Running back and forth to the meter and worrying about a ticket is not going to help you relax.
  4. Take A Step Back. When shopping for a mattress in Los Angeles, Berkeley or San Francisco, there are a ton of mattress stores and many mattress choices. In our Nest Bedding Organic Mattress Los Angeles location, there are literally 4 mattress stores within a 50 yard radius. In Berkeley there are organic mattress stores aplenty. And the Organic Mattress San Francisco scene is full of lots of organic mattress choices. Do your research, visit stores, gather information, and then narrow your search to a couple of choice.
  5. The Final Decision. Ultimately, you want something in your price range, comfortable, durable. Be careful not to fall for the "20 Year Warranty" Trap. That is where you ask how long the mattress will last and the salesperson responds, "It has a 20 year warranty." That is not how long the mattress lasts, that is how long the warranty last. Websites like SleepLikeTheDead.com and other research sites can give you valuable insight into other consumer experiences, along with Yelp. Comfort Guarantees, Third Party Certifications and Country Of Origin are all things you want to consider as well.

Nest Bedding, with stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley and Mountain View is one of the leading organic bedding and certified memory foam mattress stores, specializing in products such as the top rated memory foam mattresses by Bed In A Box.com and some of the best priced organic bedding and mattresses in the market.

July 31, 2014

The Best Organic And Non-Toxic Pillows?

There are lots of mattress stores in the Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mountain View area, organic mattresses and memory foam mattresses, but there are not a lot of stores that focus and specialize in pillows, both non-toxic and organic pillows. Nest Bedding is one of the few stores in California that really focus on helping you choose the right pillow for your situation, body type and mattress type, with many choices. 

Pillows can make or break a great night's sleep as a pillow can support your head and neck or lead to upper back and neck stiffness. And when you purchase a new mattress, you should not neglect purchasing a supportive pillow as your new supportive mattress will position your body in new ways.

What kind of pillows will you find at the Nest Bedding stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, Mountain View and now in Los Angeles?

  1. The Easy Breather Pillow - The Easy Breather is not an organic pillow, although it does use certified foam. The Easy Breather is our best selling pillow and due to its patented technology exclusively available at Nest Bedding. The patented fill material locks together to provide consistent support throughout the night regardless of what position you move into. Most pillows shift when you move in your sleep, leaving you out of alignment which leads to discomfort and pain.
  2. The Nature's Perfect Pillow - The Nature's Perfect Pillow is filled with shredded latex and kapok and is a pillow you will exclusively find at Nest Bedding stores. This pillow is made up of shredded natural latex, natural kapok and covered in organic cotton. These pillows provide a soft, supportive pillow that is a great replacement for down and feather pillows.
  3. Bed In A Box Contour and Side Sleeper Pillow - These Gel Foam pillows from our friends at Bed In A Box are made with Gel foam and are cool to sleep on and soft and supportive. Unlike most memory foam pillows, these sleep cool and do not hurt your face. The foam is the perfect combination of supportive and soft.
  4. Kapok Pillows - We have a nice assortment of kapok pillows to fit everyone from kids to side sleepers.
  5. Gemma BioSoy Pillows -  These Oeko Tex certified pillows are make from the same 60% natural plant oil formula you find in the Gemma beds and they are Oeko Tex certified for safety and no toxic VOC's.

Nest Bedding employs passionate and well-informed, well-trained staff to help our customer's get the best night's sleep they can get. Come on in and try our great mattresses and pillows. We have stores in Berkeley, San Francisco and Mountain View, and just opened up a great new location in the Los Angeles area.

July 17, 2014

Transform Your Bedroom and Nightime Habits For Better Sleep

If you frequently have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. An estimated 50 to 70 million American adults have a sleep or wakefulness disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it’s likely that countless others experience many sleepless nights that go unreported. Getting sufficient sleep is essential for mental and physical health, but there are a number of fairly simple changes you can make to create a soothing, peaceful environment that can help promote a solid night’s rest.

Transform Your Bedroom Environment

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul to your bedroom decor, but to sleep better, it’s important to have a peaceful atmosphere to retreat to. Your sleeping environment should be cool, quiet, and dark. Even the tiny light emitted from a laptop, DVD player, or digital clock can be enough to keep you awake. Keep electronics powered off, or at least cover the readout so that the room is pitch-black when it’s bedtime. If it’s impossible to block out all light, consider wearing an eye mask, and if loud noises tend to intrude your sleep, earplugs can be a great help.

A cluttered bedroom is not conducive to calm. Try to keep your room clean and well-organized, and get rid of any objects that you don’t need or use. You might also consider adding scents that promote sleep and well-being, such as lavender. Bringing fresh flowers and plants in regularly can help add new, positive energy and remove toxins from the air. It should go without saying that your mattress, bedding, and pillow are important factors in a good night’s sleep. Be sure to choose items that are the most comfortable to you, as this is generally subjective.

Best Foods and Drinks For Sleep

What you eat and drink can impact sleep either negatively or positively. It's obvious that drinking coffee before bed is not a good idea, but even less obvious sources of caffeine such as soda, tea, chocolate, and even decaf coffee can keep you awake. Ideally, you should eliminate all caffeine from your diet four to six hours before going to bed.

Certain foods and beverages are also thought to help improve sleep. Drinking warm milk at bedtime can help. It contains tryptophan, the same substance in turkey that is known to promote sleep. Snack on foods that promote sleep like nuts and seeds, eggs, honey, and cheese which also contain tryptophan. Drinking a cup of herbal tea, like chamomile tea just before hitting the sack may also aid in improving sleep as researchers have found that it offers a mild sedative effect.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Routine

Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends or other days off, is important for reinforcing your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Creating a regular routine just before bedtime, such as taking a warm bath, listening to calming music, or meditating, can help you sleep better by easing the transition between being alert and becoming drowsy.

Exercise Regularly

People who get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day, according to a study published in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity. Keep in mind that exercising too close to bedtime can keep you awake as it tends to flood the body with more energy, rather than deplete it. If this happens to you, try to schedule your workout routine earlier in the day.

July 12, 2014

The Best Memory Foam In The World!

"I don't like memory foam."

It is a statement of fact we hear all the time in the Nest Bedding stores from customers when talking about the kind of mattress they are seeking. And let's face it, most memory foam is not something you would want in your home: it smells heavily of toxic chemicals, it sleeps hot, you get that "stuck in the mud" feeling every time you try to move and the stuff is way over-priced. So why on earth would we be talking about memory foam? You can go anywhere in San Francisco or Los Angeles and find a memory foam mattress, so why another memory foam mattress post?

Memory foam is a marketing term for a type of foam that retains its shape. It is not a brand or a very specific type of foam, rather, it is a general term for foam that conforms and supports. Memory foam doesn't remember your body and it doesn't remember your birthday, but it does one thing better than any other sleep surface; it holds your spine in alignment without causing pressure from springs.

The reason this post is titled The Best Memory Foam In The World is because at Nest Bedding, we strive to find the best products in the world and bring them to market. We sincerely believe we have found the best memory foam product available with the Gemma Memory Foam Mattress. 


memory foam mattress los angeles

The Gemma Memory Foam Mattress


What separates the Gemma Memory Foam Mattress from any other memory foam mattress? The foam. Gemma utilizes a revolutionary process that takes foam to a whole new level. Most memory foams need a substantial amount of petroleum based material to create. Not the Gemma. The Gemma foams are created using 60% soy and sunflower seed oils to create the most eco-friendly memory foam on the planet. And what is even more remarkable is that the completed product is certified non-toxic by Oeko Tex, the most well-respected product testing process in the world. The Gemma Memory Foam mattresses are certified Baby Product safe, meaning there are no detected levels of toxicity from the completed product.

Now that we have established it's safety, let's talk comfort. After all, if the mattress is not comfortable, what is the point? The Gemma Memory Foam Mattresses are available in firm, plush and they have a topper available to create a super plush sleeping environment. The foams are dense enough to cradle the spine and provide ample support while giving enough to allow for proper air flow. That major complaint about memory foam mattresses sleeping hot? Not an issue with the Gemma. The Gemma have gem-shaped pores, much larger than most foams, allowing for more airflow. Coupled with the organic cotton cover that feels like a comfortable and cool t-shirt, the Gemma Memory Foam mattresses really are the best memory foam mattresses in the world.

Don't take my word for it, come in to one of the four Nest Bedding stores in California. Our stores are located in Mountain View, Berkeley/Albany, San Francisco and now Los Angeles.

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