April 25, 2015

Nest Bedding named to prestigious "Recommended Retailer" list by Mattress Underground

Nest Bedding is recognized as one of the few "Recommended Retailers" in the San Francisco Bay Area. View full article →
April 02, 2015

Are There Requirements For Calling An Organic Mattress "Organic"?

As the debate about what constitutes an "organic mattress", Nest Bedding strives to continue to bring to market affordable alternatives to over-priced and expensive name brand organic mattresses and bedding. View full article →
March 24, 2015

Nest Bedding, Your Natural Mattress Store In San Francisco

Voted Best Beds and Mattresses in the San Francisco Bay Area for a 3rd straight year, Nest Bedding is your number one choice when looking for a Natural Mattress Store in San Francisco, Los Gatos, Rohnert Park, San Rafael and Walnut Creek. Sure, you could go to any old natural mattress store, but they don't have the variety and selection that you will find at Nest Bedding. 

Are we saying that other Natural Mattress Stores make junk or are over-priced? No. What we are saying is Nest Bedding works tirelessly to carry a variety of mattresses, USA made, non-toxic and affordable. We don't carry latex then Chinese made memory foam, shipped from overseas and toxic. We carry a great variety and selection of organic, natural and non-toxic mattresses, beds, bedding and everything you need for a Clean Bedroom.

At our Natural Mattress Store in San Francisco we provide you with certifications showing you all the ingredients in our mattresses, and our proud to say we don't import any of our beds from overseas. Good, old fashioned American made mattresses, many made right here in California. In fact, we design many of our own beds as well, which you can't find anywhere else.

Come see why Nest Bedding has consistently been voted the Best Beds and Mattresses in the Bay Area, and why we are one of the fastest growing Natural Mattress Stores in the State!

March 19, 2015

Are You Searching For A Mattress in Walnut Creek?

Shopping around the Walnut Creek area for a new mattress? Check out Nest Bedding, Walnut Creek's favorite mattress destination. View full article →
March 16, 2015

The Hot Sleeper Package - For All Our Hot Sleeping Friends

If you are a hot sleeper, you are going to want to read our latest blog post on how to find relief from sleeping hot and getting the deep sleep you deserve. View full article →
February 14, 2015

A Sneak Peek at the New iFlip Mattress

Turning the Mattress World Upside Down. Literally.

With the recent influx of hip and cool mattresses being introduced to the market by young entrepreneurs, like Casper Mattress, Tuft and Needle and Leesa, Nest Bedding felt it was time to show the kids how it's done. What these great young companies have done is market to a younger crowd with fresh looks, great prices and smart packaging. But what they don't have is experience. Years of one-on-one, hands on, helping people sleep experience. Like we do. 

Introducing the iFlip Mattress. The iFlip takes a fresh approach too, but marries it with old school know-how. The iFlip is wrapped in fresh tangerine fabric, but it's the inside that takes what the others have done just one step further for the perfect mattress. On one side you have cool sleeping latex, Oeko Tex Certified and durability tested, zoned to accommodate the curves of the body and provide the perfect support you need. Beneath that is CertiPUR Certified and breathable, comfortable memory foam. However, as you FLIP the mattress, you will find the bottom has a firm, zoned latex layer, providing you with another sleep surface, this one markedly firmer. 

Why two different feels in one mattress? Let's say you are shopping for a mattress and you see the 101 night comfort guarantee of iFlip, but you are unsure as to whether you would like the feel or not. After all, you don't really want to have a parade of mattresses in and out of your house. The iFlip gives you 2 choices in 1 mattress! Let's say your folks are coming over for the weekend. You have iFlip in the guest room. Mom likes a firm bed. Flip your iFlip and you have a firm bed! Your partner loves a firm bed, but you breakup and your new main squeeze likes a softer bed. Guess what? iFlip!

The iFlip will also be available with the iFlip topper, and as you can guess, it will be 2 sided as well. Foam on one side of the topper, medium zoned latex on the other. Purchased together, you have a total of 6 mattresses in 1.

The iFlip. Watch for the national launch, available now for pre-orders.




February 08, 2015

Our Newest Natural Mattress, The Q3, Using GOLS Certified Organic Latex

Nest Bedding proudly announces the launch of its newest natural latex mattress, the Q3, available with GOLS Certified Organic Latex, Organic Cotton and Organic Wool. Made in California and one of the best values in a natural mattress you will find. View full article →
February 04, 2015

Nest Bedding San Francisco Is Expanding!

Nest Bedding is moving to 367 9th st San Francisco, Ca 94103 View full article →
January 06, 2015

Help Your Child Sleep Better With These 4 Tips

A lot of kids enjoy a little snack right before they head to bed, but what we serve our kiddos can help make or break their ability to sleep well. Nest Bedding has some great tips to help. View full article →
December 17, 2014

The Natural Version Of Our Easy Breather Pillow

The best selling product at Nest Bedding in 2014, by far, has been our Easy Breather Pillow. We have been selling them far and wide, with orders around the world. The success of the Easy Breather Pillow has led to more products in our Easy Breather lineup, including the new Easy Breather Natural Mattress and The Easy Breather Natural Pillow.

The Easy Breather Natural Pillow is now available online here and also is being sold alongside our Easy Breather Pillow. The natural version features natural latex noodles instead of the CertiPUR certified memory foam noodles. This gives The Easy Breather Natural Pillow a bit more bounce and spring-back than The Easy Breather Pillow and is great for those who want more natural products in their life.

Why are the Easy Breather Pillows so popular? Why is it one of the best selling pillows of all time?

The pillow was develop in part by the owner at Nest Bedding out of a desire to have a more comfortable and supportive pillow. He struggled to find the perfect blend of supportive pillow and yet one that slept cool and did not put too much pressure on his face. As most of you know, the wrong pillow can lead to a stiff neck, restless sleep and a sweaty face. 

The Easy Breather Pillows solve these issues. Supportive because of the noodle material of foam, breathable due to the its design and the distinctive mesh band around the pillow, The Easy Breather Pillows hold their shape throughout the night to provide proper support and that "not too soft, not too firm" feel.


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