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Is There A Better Mattress For Sex?

This is a question I often get asked, and have addressed in the past, but I want to revisit it and discuss it in a bit more detail since it seems there are not many blogs out there willing to talk about it.

Whether you are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or just your every day run of the mill loving couple, we all share one common daily activity: we all crawl into bed with our partner at some point of the night. And it is perfectly reasonable and normal to engage in some healthy intim...

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Why Your Last Brand Name Mattress Didn't Last

If I had a nickel for every customer who walked through the door of my stores with the story of their name brand coil mattress developing a body impression 3 months, 6 months, 1 year after purchasing it, I would have a lot of nickels. Literally, it is an every day occurrence. Big Brand coil mattresses just are not built to hold up very long. 

A quick look over at the Owner Satisfaction chart for big brands mattresses at SleepLIkeTheDead.com and you discover that innerspring coil mat...

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How to Prevent a Backache from Becoming Your Wake-up Call During Trips

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a survey concerning neck pain, back pain and migraines—their findings were something we should all be informed of. In 2011, nearly 30 percent of adults (18 years and older) stated that they suffer with low back pain and 15 percent with neck pain. Common causes of neck and back pa...

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Is A Firm Mattress The Best Mattress?

Once upon a time, long before mass production, chemical companies and the Industrial Revolution, people lived off the land. You watch a western and the cowboys have their bed roll, pull up a rock for their pillow, and fall asleep. There is evidence that people in Egypt thousands of years ago made mattresses with layers of grasses and fur, and it is likely not too far a stretch to imagine that cavemen slept on layers of animal pelts and fur. The commercial mattress, in the course of history...

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The One Big Mistake People Make With Their Mattress

Buying a mattress is one of the least favorite activities you will have to endure in life, and that means people will try all kinds of tricks to extend the life of their mattress. I had a customer in the store yesterday who told me he actually stacked old newspaper under the sheets to fill in the body impressions!

The one BIG mistake people make when their mattress is worn out and exhibiting a big body impression is putting a topper on the mattress. Sure, I understand the logic: a t...

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Nest Bedding Organic Mattress Berkeley Grand Re-Opening

After two strong years in our old location in Albany Ca, Nest Bedding has moved its Berkeley/Albany organic mattress and bedding store to 835 San Pablo Ave in Albany Ca.  The move gives us a beautiful new and spacious showroom along San Pablo Blvd and allows us to have a clearance area for great prices on organic mattresses.

Nest Bedding started off as one store, the brainchild of Joe Alexander, owner and founder of Nest Bedding. With the drive to open an organic, natural and non-to...

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Where Can I Find Affordable Organic Sheet Sets?

It used to be shopping for organic food was an arduous task, almost an exercise in futility, as most stores would give you a blank stare when you asked where they kept the organic produce. And of course, nowadays, almost every grocery store has jumped on the organic bandwagon to some extent.

It is kinda like that for affordabl...

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Why Wool Is So Misunderstood

Wool is one of the most amazing materials offered to us by nature, and yet this versatile and comfortable material gets a bad rap because of mankind. That's right, WE mess up wool! Why do I say that?

Because despite what the vast majority of people think, a true wool allergy is pretty rare. What I mean is that most people who think they are allergic to wool are either allergic to the wool alcohols, an element in lanolin, the waxy coat that is washed from wool, or they are reactive t...

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Is Your Mattress Pressuring You?

A recent announcement by one of our competitors, makers of the European-type latex mattresses in Berkeley, Ca touts the benefits of their new metal coils. The announcement starts with the statement: "Coils are the foundation of a mattress." 

Coils were invented many years ago for industry, and some industrious inventor realized you could sit and lay on them, and the coil mattress was born. This was a boon for the mattress business, as they were able to spend very little money, as co...

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Are The Best Mattresses Expensive?

Organic Mattresses in Berkeley and San Francisco are some of the more expensive types of mattresses you can find, and yet when you consider how long they last and how healthy they are when compared to Tempurpedic and other name brands, they are a better value.

However, Nest Bedding, with stores in Berkeley, San Francisco and Mountain View, Ca, has shown that you can buy a high quality organic mattress without breaking the bank. 

A quick search of the organic mattresses in the...

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Organic Mattress Shopping Guide For Berkeley and San Francisco

There are few things more painful to shop for than mattresses. It seems mattress stores in the Berkeley and San Francisco area are eternally running sales that threaten to run out very soon unless you act. The fact is of course there are plenty of mattresses, tons of mattress stores and a selection that will make your head spin.

Organic Mattresses in Berkel...

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Would You "LIKE" Your Mattress?

Thanks to Facebook the "LIKE" button has become part of our society. And with so many websites asking us for our opinion, we are "liking" all kinds of things. But what about your mattress? If your mattress was on Facebook, would you "LIKE" your mattress?

There are many people who wake up stiff, sore, and achy because of sleeping on a worn out mattress, or a mattress that is not right for their body. Maybe it was the old coil mattress they had when they were kids or their parents gav...

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One Weird Trick To Fall Asleep

With all the cares and concerns in this world, it can be difficult to quiet your mind, relax and fall asleep. Many times there are thoughts, plans, cares or concerns running around in our brains, or perhaps we just turned off the television or laptop and all that information leaves us thinking and not sleeping.

Turning off the electronic devices, sipping herbal tea or a relaxing walk around the block are all great ways to help us prepare for bed, but what can we do to help slow down...

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Nest Bedding Organic Mattresses in Berkeley Expands

Nest Bedding, your affordable organic mattress and non-toxic memory foam mattress leader in the Berkeley/Albany Ca area is expanding!

Due to market demand, our first store on 1053 Solano Ave near the border of Berkeley has outgrown its walls and we are proud to announce our move across the street to 835 San Pablo Blvd in Albany. Our new store is twice the floor space and will offer all of our organic mattresses in Queen and King floor displays to accommodate our customers, as well a...

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How To Un-Make Your Bed

It was drilled into as a kid; "Make your bed!"

But did you ever stop to think why we were supposed to make our bed? 

Making your bed is great for aesthetics, but not necessarily the healthiest thing to do. Making your bed can actually be a bad thing!

When we sleep, we sweat. Some a little, some a lot. And that moisture builds up in the sheets, blankets and in the layers of the mattress. It is a breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites need two things to survive: food...

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Can Memory Foam Be Non-Toxic?

Last we spoke we were discussing memory foam and if it could make you sick. Much of the memory foam available on the market is made in a way that requires certain chemicals to foam the ingredients into memory foam, and these chemicals can cause disruptions in your body's natural functions.

However, not all memory foams are created equally. The new Gemma Memory Foam mattresses, available exclusively on the West Coast by Nest Bedding, are a revolutionary type of memory foam that is cr...

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Is Your Mattress Making You Sick?

We are beginning to wake up as a society to the long term dangers of chemical exposure. What used to be laughed off as concerns of hippies and nutjobs is now accepted as fact. Chemical exposure can cause a myriad of issues in the human body as they disrupt the normal function of our body and can lead to death. The FDA approves many of these chemicals in our food and water as acceptable levels, but people are more and more wanting no exposure to any man-made chemicals in their food, water, ...

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What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On Memory Foam?

Memory Foam mattresses have a polarizing effect on people; they either love them or hate them, based on the experience they have laying on one or sleeping on one. But since all memory foam mattresses are not created equally, it is easy to form an opinion from one type of memory foam mattress and not realize that all memory foam mattresses are not created the same.

There are many types of memory foam. Most people have laid on a Tempur-Pedic type of memory foam mattress and found they...

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The First Oeko Tex Certified Memory Foam Mattress

At Nest Bedding, we pride ourselves at having products you can't find at other stores, and we are constantly following the ever changing technologies in green and eco-friendly products. While most of our competitors are selling the same foams, mattresses and bedding they have for years, the market has passed them by. Not Nest Bedding. We are always on the look out for the newest and safest products on the market. We were the first to carry Bed in a Box, the highest rated mattress on the in...

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Is Your Pillow Stealing Your Sleep?

So much focus is placed on your mattress and how your mattress can affect, for the good and the bad, your sleep. So much so that often your pillows are overlooked. Your pillow can be stealing your sleep and you don't even know it!

It is not uncommon for most people to have a random collection of pillows on their bed and more in their closet. The search for the most comfortable pillow can be frustrating: Too hard, too soft, too hot, too tall, too flat. All these factors can add up to...

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