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A Cardboard Bedroom Set? Get Ready For Bedigami!

Several years in the making, and now just weeks away from reality, Bedigami, the nation's first cardboard bedroom set is ready to launch. Bedigami is cardboard bedroom furniture made entirely of cardboard and requires no tool or adhesives, no expertise and is simple to assemble. No, not IKEA simple, REALLY simple. You will receive a box of flat cardboard with...

How To Help Your New Mattress Perform At It's Best

Making a mattress to support the body, account for heat, comfort, movement and emissions can be a tricky way to earn a living. Seems an impossible task for a mattress maker, and an equally daunting task for the mattress shopper. Designing and building with all of those factors in mind is tricky because the slightest change of layers, material types,...

Why Do Mattress Companies Have A Break-In Period?

  Over the course of many years in the mattress business, you hear the same questions and same issues over and over again. Sleep is such a deeply personal and emotional part of everyone's life, and all it takes is some restless nights to push most people over the emotional edge. Dealing with these issues takes understanding, patience and knowledge....

  • July 09, 2015
  • Joe Alexander
  • July 08, 2015
  • Joe Alexander

A Healthy Night's Sleep: How To Avoid Screens Before Bed

  There are all sorts of reasons to avoid screen time before bed, but they all come down to this: You'll get better sleep, feel better the next day and be healthier overall if you lay off your smartphone/smartwatch/TV/tablet/laptop/desktop in the hours leading up to bedtime. But unplugging is easier said than done, isn't it? At Nest Bedding, we can...