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San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

Providing a safe, comfortable environment for kids is important to us at Nest Bedding. Nest Bedding is committed to assist those in our communities who are doing the real work of helping families thrive. The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center  is doing amazing work in our local community, and we encourage you to take a look and get involved. Nest Bedding is a resource partner and a portion of your purchase goes to help families grow and help keep kids safe.

Here is their mission:

Our Mission

Prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact.

Our Values

  • We are all responsible for the well-being of children. Whether working directly with children, their families or caregivers, communities, or systems, our goal is to create the greatest positive outcomes for children. No one can do this alone; preventing child abuse is a communal responsibility.
  • We are culturally humble and honor a variety of perspectives. We honor the uniqueness of everyone’s own lived experiences and strive for an environment that includes the perspectives of our teams, ourselves as individuals, our clients, and our partners.
  • We are focused on strengths. We value the agency of individuals, families, and systems to keep kids safe. Our approach is to support others in their own growth.
  • We are a learning organization. We continuously seek to improve as individuals, teams, and an organization. We try new approaches and use data to inform our work.
  • We are optimistic and joyful in our work. We believe that every child can be kept safe. We seek to inspire each other, our clients, and our partners to work together as a community to prevent child abuse.