Easy Breather Natural Pillow

Standard $99.00
Queen $119.00
King $149.00
Side Sleep $119.00
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Product Specs


USA-made OEKO-TEX® Certified Shredded Latex pillow both breathable and soft, unlike any pillow you have seen before. Easily adjustable to your ideal loft and comes with the Nest Comfort Guarantee.


Standard 24" x 16"
Queen 27" x 16"
King 32" x 16"
Side Sleeper 28" x 16"

Standard 4.5 lbs
Queen 5.5 lbs
Side Sleeper 5.5 Ibs
King 6.5 lbs

Cover Material
42% Organic Cotton
56% Polyester Backing

2% Elastin

Fill Material
80% OEKO-TEX® Latex
20% Smooth Polyester Fiber

Care instructions

Latex foam in general is not designed to be washed. We recommend you purchase a pillow protector to be used with your Easy Breather pillow. This will ensure the integrity of your pillow for years to come.

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A latex pillow unlike any other.

The Easy Breather Natural support pillow is a soft, cotton fabric. It is filled with a proprietary blend of materials that provide supportive yet supple support that mimics a down and feather pillow while cradling your neck and providing proper support and opening up breathing passages. Soft on the neck and face yet supportive. Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes. No Animal Products in this pillow. No fire retardant materials or chemicals used on this pillow

More support than memory foam.

We wrap our Easy Breather Natural pillow in an organic cotton fabric that provides a soft and breathable sleeping surface.

We fill our Easy Breather Natural with an OEKO-TEX® certified shredded latex that is both supportive and durable. This mimics the comfort of a down and feather pillow without you having to fluff up the support constantly. With this combination of materials, our Easy Breather Natural will cradle your neck and provide proper support for easy breathing night's sleep.

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