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Mattress Sizes & Dimensions The Ultimate Guide - Nest Bedding

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Mattress Sizes & Dimensions The Ultimate Guide - Nest Bedding


Mattress Sizes & Dimensions | The Nest Bedding's Guide to Find the Perfect Size Bed

Some key factors to consider before choosing the size & dimensions of your future mattress:

  • How big is your bedroom?
  • How tall and heavy are you?
  • Do you share your bed or sleep alone?

Follow Nest Bedding's quick guide and get the perfect size mattress for you.

Twin Mattress Dimension - 39" X 75"

The Twin size mattress is the perfect size for an adult who lives in a studio or restricted space room. It is also ideal for children.

Twin XL Mattress Dimension - 39" X 80"

The Twin XL size mattress is perfect for small areas such as college dorms. It is also the most adapted solution for taller children with an extra 5 inches long.

Full Mattress Dimensions - 54" X 75"

The full-size mattress also called double with 16 inches wider than a full it works perfectly for guest rooms.

Queen Mattress Dimensions 60" X 80"

The Queen size mattress is the most sold mattress dimensions in the world. The best choice for couples with small rooms.

King Mattress Dimensions - 76" X 80"

The King size mattress will require large bedrooms and is the perfect choice for couples who like comforts or whom occasionally sleep with their children.

California King Mattress Dimensions - 72" X 84"

The California King size mattress is the mattress of choice for really tall people (over 6 feet).