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10 Ways You Can Get Better Sleep

10 Ways You Can Get Better Sleep

Did you know that adults need at least seven hours of sleep every night? That’s because sleep is essential for your health.

A full night’s rest balances your energy, improves your mood, helps you stay alert, and even offers many physical health benefits. That’s why it's said that sleep is just as important as exercise and a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, many people don’t sleep as much as they should. Anxiety, lack of exercise, depression, and trauma are common reasons for insomnia. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get enough shut-eye.

If you need better sleep, here are ten methods to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

1. Practice a Bedtime Ritual

Do you brush your teeth and hop in bed at a specific time?

If not, you may want to try developing a nighttime ritual and a bedtime. Your brain will recognize a sleep-wake cycle, which makes it easier to physically and mentally prepare yourself for bedtime.

If you still find it difficult to fall asleep, try doing a relaxing activity before you’re ready for bed. For example, read a book instead of watching Netflix.

2. Wake up at a Specific Time

You should also wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. This creates a regular sleep schedule, making it easier to fall asleep.

Waking up at a specific time, especially in the morning, has many benefits. You’ll stay focused, have improved productivity, and you may even have more mental clarity.

3. Exercise

While everyone is different, we should do light exercise five or six days per week and/or intense exercise two or three days a week. 

A good workout increases your body temperature. When your body temperature returns to normal, it can leave you feeling drowsy.

Try exercising outside. Natural light helps your body establish a sleep-wake cycle. You’ll also want to exercise in the morning or afternoon at the latest. Your body temperature will decrease early, ensuring you fall asleep at an optimal time.

4. Avoid Naps

There’s no better feeling than snuggling under the covers after a long day of work. But naps can seriously destroy your sleep-wake cycle.

The only exception is if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before; even then, you’ll be better off falling asleep early rather than taking a nap.

How do you avoid napping? Stay alert by watching a film. Avoid drinking alcohol. If you need to stay awake, try eating nutritious and energy-boosting food such as fruits, veggies, protein sources, and healthy carbs before reaching for the coffee.

5. Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress

Take a look at your mattress. Your mattress should not only be comfortable but should also support your body. If your mattress is around ten years old, it may be time to invest in a new one.

You’ll also want to rest your head on comfortable pillows. Most people have specific pillow preferences, but the best pillows for sleeping support both your head and your neck. You should also replace your pillows once every two years.

6. Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

Most of us need an ideal environment to fall asleep. Your room should be cool but not too cold. Most people fall asleep easiest when the internal temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees.

Try and eliminate noise, but you may want to listen to comforting music or ASMR to relax and fall asleep faster. Wear earplugs if your partner snores.

Last but not least, eliminate all light in the room. This includes the light from your devices. You may also want to install blackout curtains to prevent sunlight from entering your room in the morning.

7. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Meals Before Bed

Many people claim they sleep better when they drink. In reality, alcohol only helps you fall asleep but not stay asleep. This is why most people should avoid drinking alcohol.

Smoking cigarettes and eating before bed can also disrupt sleep. If you’re hungry in the evening, try eating a healthy diet for better sleep. Avoid anything spicy, especially if you suffer from heartburn or stomach cramps.

8. Don’t Consume Caffeine at Night

Sure, you may not finish your night off with a hot cup of coffee. But caffeine is found in other drinks and food, such as tea and chocolate.

Ideally, you shouldn’t consume any caffeine six hours before bed. But if you crave that piece of dark chocolate or that mug of Earl Grey tea, try reducing the amount you consume.

You can also switch to non-caffeinated coffee or tea and a sweet and healthy snack like fruit.

9. Take Sleep Supplements

There are ways to induce sleep without taking dangerous sleeping pills. Certain supplements such as melatonin supplements improve sleep without compromising your health.

While melatonin is safe, you may develop a tolerance to it. That’s why you should consider other sleep supplements. Popular examples include magnesium, valerian root, passionflower, lavender, GABA, and glycine.

You can also inhale relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, clary sage, bergamot, sandalwood, valerian, and ylang-ylang.

10. When to See a Professional

If you tried all of this advice and nothing helps, you might have a sleep disorder. To treat your sleeping problems, you may need professional assistance.

You should definitely see a doctor if you feel tired but can’t sleep, especially if your insomnia is interfering with your daily life. Ask your partner if you’re snoring or breathing loudly in your sleep.

A New Mattress Is Your Solution to Better Sleep

Do you need better sleep? Developing healthy lifestyle changes will improve your sleep-wake cycle. These include sleeping at the same time every night, exercising, and eating healthy. If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, see a doctor.

Maybe all you need is a new mattress. If so, shop our inventory today!