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4 Fantastic Decorating Tips To Add Color To Your Organic Bedroom

Categories: Decorating Tips

I spent the past weekend at Disneyland with my family and the visit was highlighted by the holiday presentation of Disney's World of Color water show at the California Adventure side of the park. What a spectacle! Such an amazing array of colors and design. Makes me want to add more color to my drab bedroom. Why is it so drab? Because I have all organic bedding. And as anyone who tries to surround themselves with all organic bedding, sheets, blankets, pillows and the mattress, there is not a lot of color options with truly organic bedding. 

With that in mind, here are four fantastic tips to adding a splash of color to your organic bedroom:


  1.  Add Colorful Throw Pillows! While we don't carry these (yet) adding colorful organic throw pillows are a quick and inexpensive way to add some dabs of color to your organic bedroom. 
  2. Get BAD in the Bedroom: BAD Blankies from who else, BAD Blankie! These soft, supple hemp and organic cotton blended blankets are in all natural but they do have colorful stitching to add an accent color to your bed. 
  3. Invite an old friend to the bedroom: Pendleton Washable Wool Blankets have been around a very long time, in fact for over 100 years. Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool passes strict standards of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. 100% pure virgin wool. Machine Washable, Made in the USA. Many colors to choose from, can be used as a throw at the foot of the bed or spread it out for the color your organic bedroom is longing for.
  4. Brown isn't Bad! When your whole bedroom is truly organic bedding, then even brown can make a color statement. The Buffalo Throw or Blanket from our selection of organic cotton blankets can be just the dash of spice your bedroom needs to be organically delicious.

There are not a lot of color options when decorating with organic bedding, however, keep in mind bedding such as blankets, sheets and pillows are in direct contact with your body, skin and the air your breathe, including that of your family. Organic bedding has many health benefits and are more comfortable than synthetic options.

One of the limitations we have imposed on ourselves is to carry USA made organic bedding. Unfortunately there are very few factories left in the United States making organic textiles such as sheets, blankets and pillows. Most of what great companies like Coyuchi carry are made overseas.