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Organic Mattress Shopping Guide For Berkeley and San Francisco

There are few things more painful to shop for than mattresses. It seems mattress stores in the Berkeley and San Francisco area are eternally running sales that threaten to run out very soon unless you act. The fact is of course there are plenty of mattresses, tons of mattress stores and a selection that will make your head spin.

Natural Mattresses in Berkeley and San Francisco are no exception. There has been many organic mattress stores pop up in the Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area in the past few years, and most seem to carry many of the same brands. But what are the best places and the best mattresses when it comes to organic mattresses?

Most of us recognize the usual names in the mattress business: Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Tempurpedic. But many have not heard of the top names in natural mattresses: Nest Bedding, OMI, Savvy Rest, Naturepedic. The organic mattress segment of the market is relatively new as more and more consumers are increasingly becoming educated on the potential health issues with traditional polyurethane mattresses. But make no mistake, they are here to stay, as organic mattresses generally are priced favorably when compared to their non-organic counterparts and tend to be built better and with more durable materials, besides being Earth friendly and body friendly.

But since this is such a new segment, what are some of the better organic mattresses in the Berkeley and San Francisco areas?

The Berkeley Organic Mattress Selection is great, with many brands and price points. One of the leading brands is Nest Bedding in the Berkeley and Albany Ca area. Nest Bedding has been named Best Beds and Mattresses in the Bay Area two years in a row by the voters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nest Bedding has a good selection of Organic Mattresses and a lower price point than most of the other organic mattress stores in the Berkeley and San Francisco Area.

Another affordable option is the Savvy Rest organic mattress, available at Savvy Rest near the Whole Foods in Berkeley Ca. They are well-made, well-priced and offer a nice selection.

OMI offers a very nice quality organic mattress at a few places in both Berkeley and San Francisco, and are on the higher end of the cost scale. OMI mattresses can be found at select retailers around the Bay Area.

Naturepedic also makes a nice organic mattress and the bulk of their selection includes coils. They are the only one of the above mentioned brands that make a coil organic mattress. They too tend to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

There are several other green and eco-friendly stores located throughout the Bay Area, some making green and organic claims. There are a few international certifications you should look for when shopping for organic and natural mattresses. Some companies claim to have organic or green mattresses but lack credible basis for their claims. Do your homework and shop some of these great brands listed here when shopping for Organic Mattresses in Berkeley and San Francisco.