Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Affordable Mattress

Categories: affordable bedding

Buying an affordable mattress is like buying a tank of gas; no one gets excited about buying a tank of gas but you need it. And if you buy the cheap stuff, your car may not run right. Same with a mattress; you can buy just any cheap mattress but your sleep will likely suffer. Better quality means a bit more money, usually. And there is no glamour in buying a new mattress. You can't really park it in the driveway and show it off to your friends. 

A truly affordable mattress is one that not only is inexpensive but will also last and provide supportive, comfortable sleep. After all, what is the point in purchasing a new mattress if it doesn't give you the sleep you need? 

Unfortunately, most cheap or affordable mattresses don't last long or are made with a minimum of materials, making for a very uncomfortable mattress. However, that is not the case at Nest Bedding. At Nest Bedding, you can get an affordable mattress, one that is comfortable, supportive, non-toxic and nice for less than what you would pay at Sleep Train, Manicini's and Mattress Discounters.

Sure, we all want an affordable mattress, but not at the expense of our sleep or our comfort. At Nest Bedding, you can get an affordable bed without the pain.