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How To Create Versatile Bedroom Themes For Children

Everyone loves popular storybook heroes and heroines. If you're looking to redo your child's bedroom, chances are he or she wants a theme that includes a favorite character or movie. Creating a room your child adores while remaining functional and practical can be difficult, but that doesn't mean you need to deck the room out in tacky murals, decals or organic bedding. Instead, embrace your child's desired theme and deliver a room that is both playful and versatile, perfect for now and easy to change up in the future.

What little girl doesn't fantasize about her happily ever after? Give your daughter's bedroom the makeover she's been dreaming of by creating a space fit for a fairy tale princess. 


From rags to riches, Cinderella is equal parts glamour and inspiration. Channel some of Cinderella's magical accessories, such as her beautiful blue and white ball gown, her famous glass slippers, or the pumpkin turned elegant carriage (greenish blue with a pink interior). Incorporate these colors and fabrics into your design through bedding, curtains and paint.

Introduce a mirrored nightstand or vanity, drawing from Cinderella's slippers. Give the bedroom a fresh coat of "Cinderella blue", finished with white tool curtains to mimic her dress. Avoid costly murals and instead put up an inspirational (and easy to remove) wall decal of her favorite quote from the movie. Incorporate pinks and ruffles through duvet covers and pillows.


With a name that means beauty, this bookworm actually has a far more vintage sense of style than other Disney princesses. Incorporate her favorite elements of the castle, such as the beloved library, including some of the more regal touches from her room. Paint the walls a rich yellow, similar to the color of Belle's popular dinner dress. Purchase a French country armoire that you can touch up with a quick coat of white paint and pink trim.

Keeping with the style of Belle's room, a rich mahogany canopy bed, complete with green and pink bedding will perfectly mimic the movie. Bring in a kid-sized bookcase to store your child's favorite toys and accessories. Finish the room off with some fake roses (perfect for playtime) and a kid-friendly chandelier.

And don't forget about the boys. They deserve a cool room, too, though skip the princess colors...

Dungeons and Dragons

Fire-breathing dragons and vigilante knights — aka, the ultimate storybook bedroom for boys. For the boy who deems himself your household's "knight in shining armor," give him a bedroom where the imagination can come to life.

To capture the essence of a dark dungeon, paint a chalk accent wall and stencil in some frightening dragons or small army of brave knights. Or, take it up a notch and opt for removable wallpaper to give the walls that brick or stone dungeon feel. Buy a wood bunk bed with either a desk or storage space below, perfect for smaller rooms or to utilize space. Keep the bedding simple, typically red and white or dark blues. Decorate with antique-looking maps of medieval cities and miniature statues of dragons.

African Safari

Perfect for the animal lover in your family, this theme works for a boy or girl. Introduce the warm colors of a safari sunset into an accent wall. Introduce the landscape's patterns and textures through an area rug — a shag rug for play or a animal print rug for a jungle aesthetic.

Hang a canvas painting or a papier mâché animal head of your child's favorite safari animal. Check out some of the 3D artwork options you can incorporate, or try a removable scenic wallpaper or decal. Give him a netted canopy style bed one would find in a jungle hut, and keep the bedding colors neutral browns. Create a play area complete with a fake palm tree and an oversized stuffed animal.