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Living Big In A Small Space

Categories: small spaces

Find yourself having to make do with a smaller bedroom? You are not alone. If you live in a big city you may find as the rents go up the space gets smaller. But you can live large in a small space with a bit of planning and smart shopping. Here are some useful tips for a smarter bedroom:

  1. Start with the big stuff - Your mattress and bedroom furniture are the largest pieces in your bedroom and can make a big difference in the feel of your room. Downsizing and consolidation are two ways to maximize your limited space. 
  2. The Bed - There are several ways to downsize the largest part of your bedroom. Do you have a king size bed? 80% of the country sleeps on a queen size. Not over 6' tall? A full size is not that much smaller than a queen and can accommodate 2 full size adults of average size and shape.
  3. Alternatives to a typical bed - There are several ways to allow for a good size mattress and still be able to use your bedroom. Futons are a viable alternative to a traditional mattress and allow for the bed to be folded up and used as a sofa. A Day Bed will allow for a wider bed at night and when the other bed is slid underneath, the twin can be used as a sofa. Wallbeds are a great way to fold away the bed completely and many nowadays have a desk built into them once the bed is folded away. Sofa beds have made great strides in comfort and durability and can be an easy way to clear some space when the bed in is not in use.
  4. Storage Beds - Would you rather keep your existing mattress? You can do away with one or more dressers by adding a storage bed to your bedroom. The drawers underneath are the perfect place to store your clothes and allows you to subtract one more piece of hard furniture. A less expensive solution is to get a metal platform bed, install a dust ruffle or bed skirt, and use plastic storage containers as drawers beneath the bed.
  5. Maximize your closet - While they can be pricey, closet organizers can help you get the most out our your existing closet space.

Another way to approach a small space is to do an inventory of everything in your bedroom and go through the list, eliminating things you don't really need. Not having a lot of unnecessary items can help you eliminate the need for more storage furniture.