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Organic Mattress Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Organic Mattress market is so different than the market for organic mattresses in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Bay Area, you have a great selection of relatively affordable organic mattresses. The Los Angeles market, on  the other hand, features several very expensive organic mattress offerings. 

One of the first things you see in the L.A. mattress market are several stores and companies offering really expensive mattresses. Mattress that tout "high end" with price tags well over $10,000. Being so high end, they must be better and give a better night's sleep, right?

Nest Bedding has taken great pride in providing supportive, affordable and local sleep solutions to our customer based in the Bay Area of Northern California, and that reputation is why we have so many customers flocking from the Los Angeles area. Frankly, I can see why. I have always felt you don't need to spend more than $3,000 for a high quality, non-toxic or organic mattress that delivers a great night's sleep. In other words, there is no such things as a "high end" mattress, only stores selling over-priced and really expensive mattresses. A supportive, organic mattress is possible to make and sell without having to sell it in a fancy showroom with sophisticated names and exotic fabrics. It doesn't need a lot of fanfare and expensive brochures. An organic mattress is not a status symbol.

Looking at stores like Hastens, Vispring, OMI, Royalpedic and Clean Bedroom, you will find a wide variety of materials used and promised results. However, when shopping for an organic mattress in Los Angeles, you want to cut through all the fancy looking products and high price tags and focus on just a few fundamental questions:

  • Are all the components certified organic?
  • Will it support me properly?
  • Will it support me without causing pressure?
  • Is it long lasting?
  • Is it affordable?

Too often, companies realize that there are enough people in the market for a new mattress who equate cost with quality. They then drive the price up to ridiculous levels to appear "high end". While this is great for cars and other status symbol purchases, an organic mattress should be simple, long lasting, non-toxic and affordable. Why affordable? Because organic and natural materials are a long lasting value and they really are not that expensive. In fact, you can buy a high quality organic mattress in Los Angeles for less than the price of a petroleum based foam bed from Tempurpedic. 


An organic mattress should consist of just a few materials: organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex. And if the customer is allergic to latex, there are synthetic latex offerings that are certified non-toxic. You can purchase a mattress like this in the Los Angeles market from Nest Bedding and still be in the $2-3,000 range. Nest Bedding also offers a  certified foam mattress, unique to the Los Angeles Mattress market that performs like an organic mattress. It is called the Love Bed, made with latex and foam.

People, wake up! Pun intended. Don't fall for the marketing and hype surrounding some of the high priced organic mattresses in Los Angleles. Just because an organic mattress carriers a high price tag doesn't mean it is going to look any better under your sheets and deliver a superior sleep. The design and materials necessary to deliver an organic mattress that is supportive, comfortable and affordable can be done for under $3,000, and you can find your organic mattress in Los Angeles at Nest Bedding, opening in Studio City, Ca in August 2014