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The Hot Sleeper Package - For All Our Hot Sleeping Friends

Sleeping hot is one of the most common complaints we here at Nest Bedding, and it is also one of the easiest to diagnose and solve. Sleeping hot can be caused by several factors:

  • Age related
  • Illness related
  • Environment related

Age related hot sleeping comes commonly from hot flashes that normally occur as we age, and seem to more a symptom of menopause. Men can also suffer from hot flashes as they age as a result of a drop in testosterone levels. These age related heat issues should be discussed with a physician to ensure there is not an underlying issue. 

Illness related heat can by a symptom of more serious health issues. Stress, disease, food related ailments and other physical factors can lead to the body overheating. Of course, the same advice as above applies, you should always consult a professional to diagnose these issue to ensure you don't have a more dire situation behind your hot sleeping.

Barring any serious health issues, you could simply be sleeping hot because of your environment. Leaving a heater on all night, a heating pad left on too long, not enough air circulation in the bedroom and the actual bed and bedding itself are all factor which can lead to sleeping hot.

Nest Bedding can certainly help with the latter of these issues, helping you choose beds and bedding products to help you cool down and get the optimum sleep your body craves.

  1. Cool sleeping wool comforters from Nest Bedding. Wool is simply hair from a sheep. It works the same as the hair on our body, in that it insulates in the cold and wicks moisture in the heat. Ingenious and simple, nature makes the best products. As opposed to poly-filled or down-filled comforters that trap heat and moisture.
  2. Cool sleeping sheets from nature At Nest Bedding, we proudly offer some of the best prices in the country on organic cotton sheet sets made domestically. Cotton is breathable and absorbs moisture, helping keep our hot sleepers comfy through the night.
  3. Cool sleeping mattress protectors The same cool sleeping wool in the comforters is also lining these dandy protectors which keep moisture and dead cells out of the mattress and also add a level of coolness. Wool provides that extra bit of moisture absorption and air flow under your body so you can sleep well.
If you are a hot sleeper, consider ditching that traditional mattress for a more breathable mattress from Nest Bedding as well.