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Why Do Mattress Companies Have A Break-In Period?

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Over the course of many years in the mattress business, you hear the same questions and same issues over and over again. Sleep is such a deeply personal and emotional part of everyone's life, and all it takes is some restless nights to push most people over the emotional edge.

Dealing with these issues takes understanding, patience and knowledge. I know how it feels. Just because I own a mattress company doesn't mean I always get optimal rest. Sometimes I wake up with soreness, or have a hard time falling asleep. There are so many factors involved in getting proper rest, and there is little substitute for experience when helping others do the same.

One of the issues I hear consistently is how customers can sometimes report soreness or pain shortly after receiving a new mattress. It is a VERY common occurrence. So common in fact that every mattress company under the sun asks or requires you to keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 days. While this may sound cruel to the customer suffering through a couple of weeks to a month of aches, pains and restless sleep, there is a fundamental reason for this policy. 

Our muscles like routine. That is, when they are stretched or used in a way that is outside of their normal range, it results in aches and pains. A new mattress can work exactly the same. If you have a mattress which you have had for many years, one which has broken down or developed a divot, your muscles have adapted to that dip, and a few nights on proper support can lead to aches and pains. 

The same goes with keeping your old, flattened out pillows when you get a new mattress. So often I have seen customers complain of aches and pains in the first few days or weeks only to hear the relief in their voice shortly after talking them into ditching their old pillows. Proper support, when coming from a bed which had lost its supportive qualities, can make your body align differently to your old, flattened out pillows, and result in aches and pains.

Another circumstance I have seen from time to time is when a customer places their well-built and heavier Nest Bedding Mattress, such as the Alexander Signature Select, on a platform with some give, such as bendable slats or a flexible box spring. This will cause the middle of the mattress to sag with the slats or base, thus compromising the mattress's ability to support the lower back area.

If you find you are suffering through a break-in period with your new memory foam mattress or latex foam mattress, often it can get blamed on the mattress, when it is really just your body taking it's time acclimating to your new bed, or you need to address your pillow or foundation. These little factors can alleviate your pains and allow your supportive mattress to do its job for many years to come.