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5 Cozy Fall Bedding Trends

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On September 2, 1974, Nebraska had a record low, bringing their first frost to ring in the fall weather. Fall officially begins September 22, but sweater weather comes along earlier than that in some states! 

The cool, crisp air brings a new motivation for warm fires, bright fall colors, and scents filling our homes. Creating a beautiful fall palette in our space with the latest bedding trends, mantel decor, table and countertop placements are some of the best stress relievers out there.

Indeed, refreshing our decor is a fun way to bring peace and joy to the home, especially in our bedrooms; Pumpkin decorations and centerpieces aren't the only way to dress things up.

Is what you have trending, or is it time to go shopping? Fear not; we've compiled a list of the top bedding trends of 2021. 

1. Natural Inspiration

Traditionally, people gravitate to orange, red, and yellow for their fall decor. However, these are a fantastic addition to a base color palette of deep blues, greens, and browns. They add a level of sophistication and character to any space without overpowering it.

Start with a basic, neutral-toned comforter or duvet to add interesting contrasts with patterns and textures to it. The solid comforter will help keep your room from chaos by adding in the different designs and textures.

Mustard yellow, dove gray, or powder pink are good places to start for 2021 bedding trends. 

Decide if you are going to have pillow shams matching the comforter or duvet. Then, place some throw pillows of slight variations of the comforter color tones to create a return to nature feel. 

Pick a cream-colored, grab-and-go throw blanket to help offset the fall tones in the room. 

2. Old-School Meets New-School

History tends to repeat itself, and so do trends. Humanity finds things of old to be interesting and exciting. Then, before you know it, someone brings a blast from the past to the table with a modern-day spin on it. 

Quilts are a great way to bring warmth and creativity to your home. If you are crafty and enjoy sewing, designing a quilt with a beautiful mixture of fall tones and patterns is a great creative outlet.

Of course, you can't go wrong with mixing and matching patterns of the geometric shapes with other textures and designs on your bed. 

If you are not crafty, have no fear! Most stores carrying the top bedding trends will likely be carrying a few options of quilts for you to choose from. They're beautifully crafted but aren't homemade. 

If a traditional, homemade quilt is what you are in search of to honor someone's hand-made work, try your local antique shops or thrift stores. You could also search online for a handcrafted treasure.

Most quilts are reversible too. So not only would you get a warm comfort this fall, but also the ability to switch things up throughout the season. 

3. All Is Restful With Monochromatic Layers

What are monochromatic layers, and how can they help your space this fall?

When it comes to a monochromatic style, most folks assume it means picking just one color and decorating your space based on that color.

However, it doesn't mean every piece of furniture or decor has to remain the color of choice. Instead, you can create a space with a couple of different tones of color to create dimension. 

Monochromatic layering with pillows and throw pillows is a great way to take a small space and make it more significant than it is. What color draws you in and calms you? Take that color and begin creating layers of textures and different hues with it. 

You can accent the layers of shades with stripes or even words and numbers on the bedding, creating a beautiful yet restful space.

4. Texture Heaven

Seasons changing to colder weather means a strong desire to get warm. Warm, softer fabrics such as flannel or fur are a surefire way to keep the chills at bay. 

Flannels with plaid printing are one of the best bedding trends of the season. With neutrals leading the pack, plaid mixes well to add dimension to your bedroom space. 

Fur bedding is another contender taking warmth to another level of classy meets satisfying to the touch. With soft and silky furs to snuggle up in, you'll have no issues with chilled toes staying cold while creating some 2021 bedding trends in your space. 

Mix in some pin tuck, pom pom, and velvet-textured fabrics to quickly transform your space.  

5. Boho Blazed with Knit Textures

Neutral tones are in, and knit bedding helps bring a simple yet elegant feel to your room. If you are buying new bedding, consider starting with an ivory-based comforter with tassels. 

You can build on this base for a sophisticated fall theme with pops of color such as mustard yellow, deep forest green, and navy blue. A more traditional color scheme of pumpkin orange mixed with reds and yellows for fall would work just as beautifully. 

If you prefer to keep it a neutral boho style with ivory, gray, white, and browns mix, that's ok too. Your space is your canvas to do with whatever brings you joy—textures with white and brown throw pillows. Add a throw blanket with contrasting colors in the neutral zone to make it pop against the ivory comforter. 

Styling Now With These Bedding Trends 

So, where do you stand? Are you more about sophisticated popping color or neutral earth tones?

Here at Nest Bedding, we love getting you settled with the best bedding trends to fit your space and comfort levels. Reach out today to get your cold toes warm while creating a comfortable trending space.