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6 Simple Summer Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

6 Simple Summer Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

The first day of summer in 2020 is June 20, which also marks the summer solstice. This ushers in a whole new season, which for some people, means changing up how their house looks.

In particular, you might want to focus on your bedroom decor. You probably spend a lot of time in there, considering we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. So take this opportunity to change up how things look in this space.

In this article, we'll discuss 6 simple summer decor ideas for your bedroom to spruce it up!

1. Add Flowers

Spring's on its way out, but this doesn't mean all its greenery is going along with it. In fact, summer is the perfect time for it to flourish.

What this means is there are plenty of pretty flowers blooming for you to purchase and put in vases around your bedroom. This can add some pops of color that complement this season. If you find the color scheme in your bedroom lacking, then this simple decor idea can really brighten things up.

Also, when they start dying, don't throw them out. You can hang them upside down and press them. Hang them up again in dry form as decoration or use them in arts and crafts, such as for scrapbooks or bookmarks.

2. Get New Bedding

Let's be honest: when's the last time you replaced your bedding? You might have found some great duvets and pillows a long time ago, but the truth is, you need to replace these things every once in a while.

Plus, you most likely won't want to use your thick winter duvets while the temperatures are super-high. Be kind to yourself and include bed decor in your summer plans.

For instance, you can get yourself a nice luxury pillow and duvet set. With the right set, it'll keep moist and sweaty blankets to a minimum.

You should also treat yourself to some beautiful and colorful covers that match the summer spirit. For example, look for covers in yellow, orange, light blue, light green, or lavender. 

3. Get Some Wall Art

If you find that your walls are a bit bare, then the best thing to do is get some wall art. Instead of going for one big piece, make sure you get a few small ones to scatter along your walls.

A great way to really get the summer vibes in your bedroom is to get wall art that's ocean-themed. For instance, you can hang up small paints or photos of the beach, close-ups of shells, seahorses, and more.

If you can't go to the beach, you can certainly bring it to you through wall art! Make sure the color scheme of your bedroom matches (for example, light blue paint) to really bring this theme to life.

4. Swap out Your Lampshades

This is something many people overlook, but it's so easy to do and makes a world of difference!

If your lampshades are currently a darker color, you'll want to replace them with ones that are lighter. Go for colors we mentioned earlier for summer bedding ideas, such as yellow, light blue, or lavender.

You'll get extra points if you use shades that either match or contrast boldly with the rest of the room. You should also think about getting them with interesting patterns and designs, as that'll help draw people's eyes straight to the lampshades as well.

For those who are wishy-washy about picking something, why not get several lampshades? They aren't expensive, and you can swap them out every week if you wish. This can help keep things interesting!

5. Repaint Your Room

To expand on the last section, you should repaint your room to give it a fresh look. This gives you an opportunity to match it with a summer theme, such as the beachy one we mentioned earlier.

Even if you already have something that's summery, think about switching it up a little. For example, when you're repainting the yellow paint in your bedroom, think about adding simple patterns to it. Some stripes or dots can give it a new and fresh look that makes it feel like you're sleeping in a different room.

Otherwise, if you have darker paint in your bedroom, consider repainting it a lighter shade. Not only will it have more of a summer vibe, but it'll also absorb less light. As a result, your room won't retain as much heat and you'll stay cool when the temperatures soar.

6. Replace Your Curtains With Sheer Linen

Summer is the time to let some fresh air in, as well as the sun's rays. If you still have heavy curtains up from the winter, then it's time those came down. Not only are they not suitable for the season, but they can also detract from the light, summery atmosphere you're trying to create.

Buy yourself some sheer linen curtains, which will instantly brighten up your bedroom. The best thing about them is you can pull them shut to get some privacy but still get lots of sunshine through your windows. Leave the drabness of winter behind and welcome the gorgeous weather with these curtains!

Use These Summer Decor Ideas for a New Look

With these summer decor ideas, you'll be able to transform your bedroom without having to do a remodel.

So take our tips, redo your bedroom, and make it a more beautiful space where you can breathe easily and sleep comfortably, even in the scorching heat. It'll be your nice little area you can retreat to!

Have these summer bedroom decor ideas inspired you? Then make sure you take a look at our selection of furniture to revamp more of your house!