Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Nest Bedding vs. Tempurpedic

I am often asked how the Nest Bedding Mattresses compare to Tempurpedic Mattresses. While Tempurpedic makes a very supportive mattress, there are some very key differences.

First of all, Tempurpedic products are made in the U.S.A. which is great for our economy. Many eco-friendly memory foam products are made in China. In fact, it's always a good reminder to ask where your mattress is manufactured. Chinese-made mattresses and mattress-in-a-box products made in China have questionable and non-verifiable test results and certifications. Nest Bedding products are also made in America, which is one of the core principles of our company. In fact, almost all of our mattresses are made in California.
Where we differ from Tempurpedic is price, feel, eco-friendliness and heat. 
Walk into 5 big box mattress retailers and you will see all 5 of them offering the same price on Tempurpedic. Why is this? Tempurpedic enforces a strict MAP pricing procedure that ensures anyone selling Tempurpedic must adhere to Tempurpedic's pricing or they lose the right to sell it in their stores. Tempurpedic ensures a great profit for their retailers and for themselves, but it's not that expensive to make a foam mattress. Not all foam is created equal, and Tempurpedic makes a long lasting, supportive foam. However, compared to other foam mattresses, Tempurpedic is one of the more expensive.
Nest Bedding mattresses are value priced. We can do this because we don't spend money on expensive national TV ads for one. Also, Nest Bedding is a small, family-owned operation with low overhead and fair practices.
The feel of a Tempurpedic Mattress is very different than that of the Nest Bedding mattresses. Nest uses pure, natural latex from tree sap to make their mattress. They have a very cool to the touch feel, and are very supportive yet supple. 
When it comes to the green or eco-friendly index, you decide: Tempurpedic is made with synthetics, which are petroleum derived, and Nest Bedding products are made with organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex. You don't drink petroleum, you certainly don't want to sleep with it. Also, Nest Bedding mattresses use natural wool to protect the mattress from catching fire. Ask any Tempurpedic dealer what they use to make the bed fire retardant, you will not get much information.
Lastly, if you search the internet for Tempurpedic, you will no doubt read some consumers reporting it sleeps hot. While this is merely personal opinion, and Tempurpedic has made steps to address the issue, Nest Bedding products sleep cooler naturally by using all natural elements to create mattresses that sleep cool and are long lasting.