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Snooze or lose! Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

 It's Snooze or Lose! Not Snooze and Lose. Get a Good Nights Sleep. By Joe Alexander, Nest Bedding  and

Welcome to the sleepless 21st century.  Somewhere in your busy schedule you make time to get to the gym, eat healthy and buy/take your supplements.  However as the old saying goes  "a chain is only strong as it weakest link" applies to your weight loss and bodybuilding efforts as well.  Learn how a good nights sleep can be your best bodybuilding/weight loss supplement.

Do not let your training program fail because you don’t get adequate sleep. What is adequate sleep? This will vary by individual, but most likely you will need eight plus hours to be fully rested. If you are waking up with the help of an alarm (even worse, hitting the snooze button a dozen times), you aren’t getting enough sleep.

There are many general health benefits that can be obtained from simply getting a good night's sleep. A huge one is better cardiovascular health - sleep deprivation has been linked to a hardening of the arteries.

The importance of sleep is much higher for the person trying to gain muscle mass. Your body needs this rest to repair, rebuild and recover the muscle that your workouts have broken down. Sleep plays a vital role in protein synthesis and the release of growth hormone. Insufficient sleep affects growth hormone secretion that is linked to obesity; as the amount of hormone secretion decreases, the chance for weight gain increases.  Remember that sleep is your number one bodybuilding supplement....and it's free!

Some supplements you might want to give a try to help improve sleep would be ZMA, GABA, Melatonin, GH enhancers and/or some testosterone boosters. These supplements have shown to help with getting to sleep, and to help establish healthy sleeping patterns. Sleep is vital and many studies have shown that we are simply not getting enough of it.

Do not drink anything right before bedtime. You do not want to consume water so you are not up all night running to the bathroom. You also do not want to consume any caffeine as it will be even harder to fall asleep. Caffeine shouldn’t be consumed at all within 5 hours of bedtime.

Sleep has been proven time and time again to be very important in many aspects of your life. Lack of it can be very hard to make up for later. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise, but studies have shown that most people have sleep as a much lower priority. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. It will lead to a much better day as you are fully recovered and can better concentrate. Life itself overall benefits greatly on proper sleeping habits. And by all means, sleep on a proper mattress. No springs! Springs cause pressure and pain, which keep you tossing and turning, preventing you from long bouts of deep sleep. Pressure from the springs also slow blood flow, causing the body to constantly adjust to allow proper blood flow. And spring or coil mattresses tend to transfer partner motion more, again, keeping you from long bouts of deep sleep, where the body rebuilds. An all memory foam or latex mattress will provide good support with a lack of pressure.

Don’t let lack of sleep slow down the results you work so hard for in the gym.