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Pillows-The Gateway Drug?

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It started one day, you don't remember when exactly, but you tossed a little. And then you turned. It was so much fun you flipped and flopped all night, much to the chagrin of your sleeping partner or furry bed dweller. Then you woke up, red-eyed and sleep deprived but you couldn't stop, you were addicted.
Flopping and Flipping, tossing and turning: Sure, its fun and all, but really, at the end of the day, who wins? Nobody. You need a new mattress. You know you do, but you keep putting it off. 
Well, if you need a new mattress, that means you REALLY need a new pillow! Pillows last 3-5 years, and break down quickly with heat, moisture and all the oils from your face and hair. Once they lose their shape and loft, your neck is out of alignment and you need a new one. But you have 15 of them on your bed already! What the heck?! Seems pillows are just so hard to dispose of! 
At Nest Bedding, we encourage you to bring in your old pillow (in plastic please) so we can see what you were once sleeping on, and can help you choose a proper NEW pillow. We have LOTS to choose from. After all, Pillows are the Gateway to a new mattress, and once you get your new pillow and experience are general overall superior level of awesomeness, you will have a new addiction: Nest Bedding.
Think about this you? You get into bed and fluff up your pillow so it's supporting your head, then you fall asleep. Do you stay in that position all night? Not likely. That means once you move, your neck is out of alignment all night long, in pain, and keeping you from getting proper rest. Hence, the flipping flopping thing.
Come try out our selection of buckwheat hull pillows, eco-friendly foam, kapok, latex, shredded latex, wool and other materials.