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Effective Natural Sleep Aids


Effective Natural Sleeping Aids As Complementary Treatments To Insomnia

Insomnia is probably one of the most dreaded sleeping disorders of many people today. This abnormal sleeping pattern prevents the body from having quality and adequate amount of sleep. As such, it affects the everyday activities and productivity of a person.

Prescribed medications or drugs are among the known treatments for insomnia. Although prescription drugs are really effective, depending too much on medications may possibly lead to addiction, over dosage, as well as  other health complications. As an alternative to conventional treatments to insomnia, natural sleeping aids are becoming more popular and widely used among people with insomnia.

Aside from the fact that natural sleeping aids are actually as effective as the conventional treatments, these are also less expensive, longer lasting, and have fewer side effects. Natural sleeping aids range from dietary supplements, herbal supplements, lifestyle changing, as well as proper dietary maintenance.

Natural sleeping aids for insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that requires immediate attention of medical experts. However, there are also ways that insomniacs can practice as natural sleeping aids that do not necessarily need medical consultations.

The following are some of the commonly practiced natural sleeping aids of many people suffering from insomnia:

* Maintain balanced diet

One of the common natural treatments to insomnia is to simply maintain a healthy and balanced diet. A person diagnosed with insomnia should consume food enriched with tryptohan, a chemical agent that is transformed into serotonin. Serotonin relaxes the body. Foods enriched with tryptohan are milk, beans, cheese, chicken, and turkey.

Carbohydrate is also an essential nutrient for insomniacs, for it increases the body's production of melatonin and serotonin. It is recommended among insomniacs to eat snacks rich in carbohydrates such as crackers or cereal before retiring to bed.

* Take nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are also a good choice of sleeping aids. The most frequently prescribed nutritional supplements are products with amino acid L-trytophan ingredient. Many users are very much satisfied with how L-trytophan-enriched supplement products enhance their mood, thus, resulting to better sleeping pattern.

On the other hand, many users are also favoring the intake of supplements containing melatonin, for this type of hormone positively affects their sleeping cycles and biological clocks. However, one setback in using natural supplements is that these do not work for longer periods of sleep.

* Taking herbal supplements

Insomniacs who are taking prescription drugs are recommended to take herbal supplements as well, for these are perfect complementary treatments to medications. Valerian, for instance, is one of the many herbal supplements used by many insomniacs today. Valerian is known to give positive effects on a person's sleeping problem as it induces the body to rest and sleep. Insomniacs who regularly take Valerian for eight straight weeks are sure to have a faster and easier sleeping cycle.

* Exercise daily

Regularly exercising seems to give many benefits to the body, including improvements to sleeping conditions like insomnia. Exercise helps insomniacs achieve longer and deeper sleep. In fact,  even simple daily exercises can significantly improve the quality of a person's  sleeping cycle.

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