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When Partners Disagree on the Feel of Mattress

When you work in the mattress industry for as long as I have, you hear and see it all. Boy, do I have some stories! One of the more consistent situation you find, other than people upset because their name brand mattress developed a body impression after 3 years, is couples having an issue with a mattress they both find comfortable. And usually it is one partner loving a firm mattress and the other can't sleep on anything other than a very soft mattress. What do you do?
In the 50's they showed couples in TV shows sleeping in twin beds adjacent to each other. And while that's a solution, most couples aren't ready for such a radical lifestyle change. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Mix and Match: You can purchase a king size platform or box spring, then shop for separate mattresses. Two Twin Extra Long mattresses side by side will make a regular or Eastern King mattress. Then, put them alongside each other on the box spring, creating one mattress. Once you have your dust mite protector, sheets and blankets on the mattress, you would hardly be able to tell. This gives each partner their separate sleeping surface without tossing in the towel when it comes to co-sleeping.
  2. Split the Bed. Many manufacturers, including many of the non-toxic memory foam beds and the organic natural mattresses at Nest Bedding, come with the ability to adjust the top layers of the mattress, creating a firm or soft side. This is an excellent solution for customers who are not that far apart in feel.
  3. On Topper: Finding a mattress that works for the partner who prefers a firmer feeling bed, then finding a topper for the other partner's side. We carry organic wool toppers, latex toppers, foam toppers, memory foam toppers and other natural and non-toxic materials to soften up a mattress. I usually recommend placing the topper beneath the encasement or protector to keep it from shifting. You will have to adjust a topper from time to time as it can shift a bit in the night.
So, there you go, hopefully we have saved a few relationships today with our mattress Public Service Announcement! Seriously though, give us a call or stop in when you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, as we are just off the freeway in the Berkeley Albany area. We have fresh tea, nice beds and a great place to test out some nice memory foam or organic mattresses.