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We Talk Contour Pillows On The Sleep Doctor

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Today I had a customer make a statement I hear over and over and over again..."Oh, I have had that kind of pillow, and I didn't like it." I am referring to the memory foam contour pillow that many people have experienced. And when I inquire as to where they got that pillow, it's usually somewhere like Costco, Walmart or Bed Bath And Beyond.


The shape is perfect: A contour pillow, designed by Chiropractors, is perfect for supporting the curve of your neck and for keeping its shape during the course of the evening. Let's explore those two topics.
Here is the contour pillow in question...
memory foam pillow

Most people are used to scrunching their pillow, kneading it into shape until it's comfortable and then they fall asleep. The pillow are usually down and feather or some kind of polyester fiber and once you move in your sleep, the pillow is no longer comfortable and your neck is back out of alignment. The memory foam contour pillow not only cradles your neck properly on both your back and side, it maintains that shape regardless of where you move on the pillow, preventing improper support and keeps you from waking up with a stiff neck.


One of the problems I find with these pillows is that they are the right shape but wrong material. Most every complaint I have heard about these memory foam pillows is that they are either too hot, too hard, or both. The solution is to find the right material and the right shape. The memory foam contour pillows we carry at Nest Bedding are a soft yet durable, breathable foam, preventing your face from hurting or sweating, which keeps you from achieving long bouts of deep sleep.


Another issue I find is that some people sleep with the pillow the wrong way. There is a larger curve and a smaller curve to the pillow. They are designed to sleep with the larger part under your neck. If yours hurts your neck or pushes your head up too far, it's likely you got one that is too big for you. We carry a smaller contour pillow and larger one. The larger one is usually the best for those with wider shoulders. The smaller curve toward the back allows the head to fall back into proper balanced alignment. The larger part behind pushes the head up, forcing the neck out of alignment.


So, if you find yourself scrunching and kneading, you are likely needing a new pillow. I highly recommend giving one of our contour memory foam pillows a test run. Its a best seller in our store and online.