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Wetting the Bed

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Wetting the bed. We did it as a baby, and into our more advanced years, and sometimes in between. But rest assured, everyone has done it. Losing control of your bladder can have many different factors in the cause, from going to bed drunk to medical issues. Today, however, we want to focus not on the why of wetting the bed but the how of wetting the bed.
Read any mattress store's website or warranty and you will see a line or two about what will void the warranty. Stains on the fabric of the mattress can completely void your mattress's warranty. And if you have recently shelled out a pretty penny for a brand new organic, latex or natural mattress, or a soft and comfortable eco-friendly memory foam mattress, the last thing you want to do is void your warranty and ruin your mattress with a big stain.
All mattresses are susceptible to damage with exposure to liquids. Foams are not designed to get wet, and the same goes for the fabrics and fibers within. There are different cleaners and methods for removing stains, but urine can cause long term damage to a mattress, regardless of the fact it's memory foam or latex.
Let's focus on the preventative measures you can take that will ensure your new mattress will last for years to come and not be ruined. 
There are many products on the market that allow you to make your mattress waterproof. Most of these employ some time of vinyl or plastic to create a waterproof barrier which keeps moisture out of the mattress. However, as effective as these covers can be, they are not without their drawbacks. For example, most people are familiar with the feel of a vinyl or plastic sheet on their mattress. It makes the mattress sleep hot as it cuts off the air flow between your body and the sleeping surface. A vinyl or plastic cover also can be noisy and make the bed less comfortable.
Gotcha Covered mattress protectors offer pure mattress protection for life’s little accidents – especially liquids and stains. So much easier to clean than a mattress! Made of super-soft, certified organic cotton jersey fabric that is backed with a thin polyurethane film to provide water and stain repellency. The waterproof polyurethane film is composed of recycled materials, is inert, and does not emit harmful chemicals. Made like a fitted sheet, it provides pure protection even on the sides of your mattress and can be used as a sheet and protector in one. The membrane of urethane is breathable yet waterproof, allowing air flow and preventing the typical sweating sheets effect normally associated with plastic sheets. A good quality cover such as the one from Gotcha Covered, available at the Nest Bedding store, also, by virtue of it's construction, will keep dead skin cells and dust mites from falling into the fibers of the mattress.

Stuff happens. The trick is to keep that stuff from happening "on" and ultimately "in" your mattress. A good mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and supportive for a long time.