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Product Review: U.S. Made Organic Cotton Sheets

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You can purchase sheets and sheet sets anywhere you look. I even saw some at the grocery store the other day. But if you are like many today who care about what they put in their body, what they bring into their home, you are likely interested in something other than the typical polyester blend sheets you find just about anywhere. You are likely a candidate for organic cotton sheets. U.S. grown cotton and U.S. Made sheets. But those must be expensive, right? Guess again.
A quick look around the internet and you will find a very wide and confusing marketplace, much like mattresses. Ridiculously high thread counts, organic claims, super low prices, super high prices. Blends with synthetic materials, etc. Who knew there was so much to consider when shopping for a decent, non-toxic sheet set?
The same issues confronted me when shopping for a sheet product for the Nest Bedding Mattress and Bedding store in Albany Berkeley California. I wanted U.S. Made. I wanted organic. I wanted affordable. I wanted long lasting. Wow, was I in for a shock! I spent weeks searching for this combination. Doesn't seem like a tall order. How hard can it be to find a simple organic fabric sheet made in America?
After much searching I was so relieved to find the sheets we are carrying now from our friends at NatureSoft. Here are the organic sheets available in the Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Bay Area markets.
Using Texas and California grown organic cotton, which means certified grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and processed without toxic chemicals, they manufacture them in South Carolina. 
Available in percale, sateen and flannel, they have a wonderful feel to the skin and great weight. 280 thread count is very durable. Don't be fooled into thinking thread count is the way to judge quality. Some of the best sheets in the world are about 280 to 300 thread count. These sheets are very well made and comfortable. The are pre-washed and dried, so shrinkage is not an issue. The sateen is also available in ivory, which is made using hydrogen peroxide to make the fabric white. Coming soon is a 400 thread count sateen luxury white stripe that we are excited to see.
As you are shopping around the internet or the other bedding stores in Berkeley, San Rafael, San Francisco, you will find these sheets to be very competitively priced. Starting at $89 for a queen set, they are certainly more affordable than most organic sheets on the market.
They are also available in a three color piping to add a little pizzazz to your bed or mattress.
Are you sleeping on an organic mattress or non-toxic memory foam mattress? Why on earth would you want to sleep in sheets that were treated with pesticides or chemicals? And plastic, polyester threads will not breath as well as natural cotton. Treat yourself and your body to a nice set of organic sheets from your friends at Nest Bedding in Berkeley Albany Ca.