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Do I Have To Wait For A Mattress Sale?

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Do I Have To Wait For A Mattress Sale?
One of our Pillow Talk Blog readers wrote me the other day, asking if they needed to wait for a sale. Here is the email they wrote...
"Hi Nest Bedding,

I found your website while searching "Organic Mattress Bay Area" and it looks like you have a nice selection of both non-toxic memory foam and organic latex mattresses. While your prices are very competitive, I was wondering if you are going to be having a sale anytime soon? I was reading in Consumer Reports that you should always ask for a discount and wait for a sale. Is that how your store works?"

Paula T. from San Rafael, Ca

I am sure Paula is not the only person out there trying to negotiate the murky waters of mattress shopping. Frankly, it's overwhelming and it is why here at Nest Bedding we simplify the process by keeping our prices low and consistent.
In our opinion, mattresses can be like a hot water heater; when it breaks, you need to get it fixed. You don't spend several weekends shopping for a new one, you get a new one so you have hot water. A mattress can feel like a similar purchase. Mattresses don't magically start to hurt your back on Lincoln's Birthday or your cat doesn't have an accident on Memorial Day. When you need a new one, you need a new one, and you shouldn't have to pay more for your new memory foam mattress or organic mattress because it wasn't a special sale.
If stores are advertising huge discounts, and they are still making a profit, that means it wasn't worth very much to begin with, and they were gouging people who bought it before it went on sale. That is a dirty way to do business. 
At Nest Bedding, we maintain a low-overhead, streamlined business model. We don't take part in over-priced advertising campaigns. We don't have huge expensive showrooms, and we don't motivate our staff by offering huge commissions for big sales. 
A mattress is a big purchase that affects your overall health, and should be sold in a fair and respectful manner, not like a used car. You should be focused on the best mattress for your back and sleep issues, not having to wait for some fake sale to motivate you to buy.
So, to answer your question Paula: Yes, if you shop at one of the big top circus mattress retailers you would want to wait for a sale. If you want to purchase a high quality mattress that will solve your sleep issues in a respectful setting and not have to worry about seeing it for hundreds less a few days after you purchase, come to Nest Bedding in the Albany Berkeley Ca area. Check out our Yelp Reviews. Give us a call. You will be glad you did.