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Why Consider an Organic Mattress?

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The news the past few days carried the passing of the Hostess Twinkie, Ding Dong and other gooey, sweet treats. In this day and age of eating healthy and the move away from processed and preservative (chemical) filled foods, I am really shocked it didn't happen sooner. All around us, more natural grocery stores are appearing and your local neighborhood stores are carrying more and more organic and natural food options as consumer demand is growing for pure, unadulterated foods. 

That same movement has been coursing through the bedding and mattress business for the past several years, enough so that most major brands are starting to offer more natural materials. But people are still buying the plastic, petroleum, chemical-laden name brand mattresses and bedding. Why? Price. Name recognition. Prevalence. But now more than ever, organic and natural mattresses and bedding are more affordable, widely accepted and widely available. Why should you consider organic or natural beds over conventional beds?

1. Organic Mattresses and Beds will last longer.

In general, Organic and Natural Mattresses are made pretty much the same way: Organic Cotton, Wool and Latex. Latex, pure latex, if properly maintained, can last 20-30 years. A conventional foam or coil and foam mattress (which comprises most of the Serta, Sealy, Simmons, etc brands) are constructed of plastic fabrics, plastic fiber fills and poly foams, and will usually last 5-7 years. That is by design as well, as the big brands are publicly traded companies and need constant sales. Making a product to last 5-7 years ensures customers are back in the market not long after they purchase.

2. Organic Mattresses and Beds are more affordable.

Seems in America we focus more on price and not on value. Sure, you can buy a "mattress" for $599 and you will be buying another one in a few years, or at least suffering from a sore back in a few years, as it breaks down quickly. Or, you can spend more and get something that will last longer and provide proper support over those years. 

3. Organic Mattresses and Beds are won't clog up landfills.

Natural materials such as wool, cotton and latex are all bio-degradable, which means at the end of your mattress's life, it wont be sitting in a landfill for a thousand years leaching toxic compounds into the soil like a conventional mattress. 

4. Organic Mattresses and Beds won't off-gas chemicals into your bloodstream.

Polyurethane foams are plastic foams. These materials are introduced to foaming chemicals which cause a chemical reaction and turn the raw material into polyurethane foam. These foam cores are then wrapped, usually, in a fabric that is treated with a chemical which acts as a fire suppressant. These materials are then wrapped in a polyurethane plastic fabric and shipped to you in a plastic bag, where you get to breath in all the chemical off-gassing. Those chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream and can cause untold damage. Untold because the vast majority of these chemicals are untried and untested.

5. Organic Mattress and Beds are everywhere and competitively priced:

Today, there are many stores and many brands offering synthetic-free, natural and organic mattresses. In the Berkeley Ca area there are 6 or 7 stores offering everything from latex to cotton to wool mattresses, at a variety of competitive prices. And compared with big brands and foam mattresses from those big name brands, organic mattresses and beds are not only a better value but often can be a better price.

At Nest Bedding, we specialize in Organic, Natural and Non-Toxic bedding and mattresses and service the Berkeley Ca, Albany Ca, San Francisco Ca and all of the bay area. If you are searching for Organic Beds Berkeley, Organic Beds San Francisco, all we ask is give us a try before you buy!