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Why Choose Wool PIllows

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Looking for a good pillow is like looking for the Holy Grail! Too firm, too soft, too tall, too short; most of us have tried so many different types of pillows that we end up with a closet full or bed full of extra pillows that just didn't quite work out. So it is not unusual to have conversations with customers in the San Francisco Berkeley Oakland area looking for pillows because their current pillows are not working for them.

As you search around the SF Bay Area, you will find all kinds of pillows, from some claiming to give you more oxygen to cheap foam pillows at the local big box retailer. At Nest Bedding, we try to offer a very wide variety and selection of pillows since we are quickly becoming known as the best place in the Bay Area for bedding and organic bedding.

One of the types of pillows we would recommend is our Washable Wool Pillow. At $89, it is a great pillow for side sleepers or those who like a firmer pillow with plenty of loft.

Wool is one of the most misunderstood yet time tested materials for sleep products. While doing no harm to the animal or the environment, wool is both cooling and warming, making it perfect for temperature regulation. Also, it stands up very well over time, holding it's loft better than cotton and down and feather pillows.

The washable wool pillow contains Shropshire wool which has been prepared and processed making it washable without damaging the pillow. Of course, we always recommend a washable pillow protector to lengthen the life span of any sleep product, and to keep out the dust mites and dead skin cells that can accumulate in your bedding.

Washable wool pillows, along with kapok, latex, buckwheat, cotton and other pillow types always available from Nest Bedding.

Washable Shropshire Wool Collection

  1. Fabric: 100% natural cotton percale
  2. Fill: 100% washable Shropshire wool

Advantages to washable wool pillows:

Machine washable. Use cold water, less agitation on gentle cycle. Air dry only. 
Please note: All natural fibers will shrink to some extent, usually 3-6%
Free of VOCs, harsh chemicals, and arsenic. (Test results available)