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7 Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Archeologists have found mattresses that are over 77,000 years old. Options for mattresses have come a long way since humans first used them. However, people are still ending up with the wrong mattress.

Mattresses can make or break your sleep. The right one can prevent back pain, restless nights, and other issues. In contrast, the wrong mattress can worsen issues and cause a lot more!

Although mattress shopping is not everyone's idea of fun, there are ways to find a great mattress. One of the main ways is to avoid common mattress shopping mistakes. Read on to learn the top seven mistakes and how to avoid them. 

1. Buying Before Trying

There are over 1.92 billion online buyers globally, so buying mattresses online should be easy, right? One of the top mattress shopping mistakes is buying a mattress before trying it.

Like other items such as cars, you want to test-drive the mattress. By all means, you can look at buying mattresses online, but check the returns policy. A reputable company should provide a transparent returns policy, which is usually for a certain period of time.

2. Not Knowing Options for Mattresses

Mattress technology continues to evolve, and it can be tempting to overlook understanding it. However, if you understand the options for mattresses, you can make more of an informed choice. So, take the time to research!

For example, there are different mattress sizes to consider. You need to make sure it fits your bed and your needs! Also, look at the different mattress technology and materials, such as memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

3. Depending on a Brand

While it is important to consider a brand's reputation, do not depend on this factor to pick a mattress. For example, CNBC reports there are over 175 bed-in-a-box companies with similar products or even the same manufacturers.  

If you depend on a specific brand name and do not consider other mattress factors, you may end up with the wrong mattress for you. You can pick a brand, but take time to research it and avoid other common mattress shopping mistakes. After all, a brand can depend on its name instead of focusing on quality. 

Also, check how long the brand has been in business and what their warranty policy is. Just because a brand appears trendy online does not mean it is the best. 

4. Not Reading Online Reviews

A mattress may look great on paper, and the company that sells it may too, but have you checked the customer reviews? Reading online reviews can help determine whether a mattress lives up to its promises.

Be sure to read several reviews and remember that everyone has individual preferences. However, it can give you an overall idea of the mattress quality. 

Customer testimonials can also indicate how well the company fulfills customer service promises too. How is the returns policy? How did they deal with a faulty mattress?

You can check reviews on the website, but take the time to check independent customer reviews too. There are many independent review sites, such as Better Business Bureau

5. Focusing on Price 

A price that costs a lot of money does not mean it is the best quality. Many factors influence mattress price, such as the brand name. 

The same rule applies to cheap mattresses. A cheap mattress is not necessarily a good bargain. You need to consider other factors to find the best mattress, not just the price.

It is also worth comparing mattress prices too, whether you are buying mattresses online or in-store. Compare similar mattress specifications and prices of mattresses that are sold on multiple sites. A reputable seller will happily explain to you why their mattress costs more money than a similar priced one. 

However, be sure to check what prices include. You do not want to find out there is an extra charge for shipping or a warranty once you have set your heart on a specific mattress. There should be no hidden fees.

Also, do not sacrifice important factors such as a warranty for a lower price. A reputable company should provide a solid warranty if they are confident with their product. A mattress should last around seven to nine years, so it is a great investment if you pick the right mattress for you. 

6. Too Firm Or Too Soft

Another common mattress shopping mistake is to buy a mattress that is too firm or too soft. Often people buy a firm mattress thinking it will be supportive. However, a mattress that is too firm can be uncomfortable on your pressure points, such as your hips.

The result? A restless night of sleep!

People often purchase soft mattresses thinking they will be more comfortable. However, a mattress that is too soft can cause physical issues such as back pain.

The secret is to find mattress options that are not too firm or soft. Some mattresses even allow you to adjust the mattress firmness, which can be a great option to change your mattress safely.

7. Accepting a Bad Mattress!

More than a third of Americans do not get enough sleep regularly. Finding ways to improve your sleep offers many benefits, and if your mattress is a cause, it can be resolved! Whether you need a new mattress or purchased a bad mattress, you can take action. 

One of the top mattress shopping mistakes is to accept a bad mattress. If you are unhappy with your mattress, then follow the warranty on the product. You will improve your sleep, physical health, and emotional wellbeing doing so. 

Avoid Mattress Shopping Mistakes

You must have a mattress that supports you. It will help you stay physically well and get the sleep you need. A poor mattress can cause a range of problems that make the investment of a new mattress priceless.

Avoid mattress shopping mistakes with Nest Bedding. We offer a range of award-winning mattresses to suit all needs and have a customer service team you can trust. 

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