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7 Reasons Why the Easy Breather Pillow Is Right for Your Child

7 Reasons Why the Easy Breather Pillow Is Right for Your Child

According to the National Sleep Foundation between 25-30 percent of American children are not receiving enough sleep.

Lack of sleep results in poor grades, absence from school, crankiness, depression, and poor social interactions. Teens without enough sleep have a larger number of car crashes and are more likely to partake in risk-taking behaviors.

One of the key factors in your child getting a good night's sleep is a pillow that meets their comfort level. That is what makes the Easy Breather Pillow an ideal choice for your child.

Why Your Child Needs An Easy Breather Pillow

A good pillow provides support to your child's head and shoulders, keeping their spine in alignment during the night. A pillow that is the correct height allows the breathing passages to stay open, helping your child to breathe easily while asleep.

1. Breathability

For comfortable sleeping your child needs a pillow that allows the air to circulate, keeping them cool during the night.  The Easy Breather Pillow is constructed from breathable fabric and filling to help keep your child breathing easy as they sleep.

2. Filling

The type of filling inside a pillow affects its comfort level. Too much or too little filling throws off the alignment of the spine. Common pillow filling includes memory foam, down, cotton, and shredded foam.

The Easy Breather Pillow uses shredded materials that keep the air circulating through them, allowing your child’s air passages to open. Circulating air helps keep their sleeping temperature down during the night.

The pillow is made here in the United States using organic materials. It contains no harmful chemicals that could cause damage to your child’s lungs.  

If your child likes to sleep on their back, they will need firm support. If they prefer to sleep on their stomach, then a softer filing will provide the most comfort.  One nice feature with the Adjustable Easy Breather Pillow is the ability to remove filling to adjust to the firmness and height level desired.

When the pillow arrives it measures eight inches at the highest loft. You can adjust the fill amount by unzipping the pillow and removing part of the foam fill. This allows you to adjust to your child's age and their comfort level. You can place the removed fill in a bag to use later as they grow and need a pillow with a larger amount of fill.

3. Body Temperature

Sweating during the night is common in both babies and young children. A study of 6,381 children between the ages of 7 to 11 years found about 12 percent of them experiencing night sweats on a weekly basis.

If your child wakes up with their hair damp from sweat, their pillow may be the problem. Foam fill pillows do not breathe, resulting in the head overheating.

The Easy Breather Pillow keeps the air circulating around the head, pulling the heat away and allowing for a cool and comfortable rest.

4. Breathable Fabric Cover

Having a comfortable, breathable filling loses its benefits unless it is encased in a soft, breathable fabric. A pillow should be cool to the touch for maximum comfort. This cooling effect will help your child to relax and have a more relaxing sleep.

The Tencel fabric cover of the Easy Breather Pillow is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus and feels similar to cotton. Because the material is all-natural, it must go through synthetic processing to make the fabric usable.

The Tencel is mixed with polyester to create the fabric. Quilting creates a strong, durable outer shell. The pillow is spot-clean only with soap and water. With any of our pillows, we recommend purchasing a pillow protector.

The organic waterproof cooling pillow protector has a 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sleeping surface that is cotton jersey, to feel like your favorite T-shirt.

The waterproof, TPU polyurethane backing prevents liquids from soaking through but allows the material to breathe using DrySleep technology. This waterproof barrier does not contain any fire retardants, antimicrobial treatments, and is latex and vinyl/PVC, and phthalate-free. There are no chemical emissions and no allergenic materials in cover.

The pillow protectors are machine washable and dryable, making them an excellent addition to your Easy Breather Pillow.

Another plus for pillow covers is that a large number of people develop attachments to their pillows, them from childhood into adulthood, refusing to give them up. The Allergy Research Foundation in Los Angeles has found pillows to be one of the dirtiest places in homes. Pillows that do not receive regular cleaning or are unprotected become collection zones for pet dander, mold, dirt, and dust mites.

If your child develops a life-long attachment to their Breath Easy Pillow, it will remain safe under its pillow protector.

5. 30-Night Sleep Trial

When you purchase the Easy Breather Pillow, the Nest Bedding Company provides you with a 30-night trial period. If you are not completely satisfied with the pillow you may return it during that 30-night period free of charge, with no shipping charges.

6. Limited Warranty

In addition to the 30-day trial, your Easy Breather Pillow comes with a limited warranty. The warranty provides coverage for product defects and allows Nest Bedding to repair or replace the item at their discretion for defects that occur within 2 years of your purchase.

7. Sized to Fit Their Needs

The Easy Breather Pillow provides your child appropriately sized sleeping comfort.  Nest Bedding offers the pillow in a wide range of sizes to fit the age of your child and the size of their bed:

  • 13” x 16”—$49.00
  • Standard 24” x 16”—$99.00
  • Side Sleeper 28” x 16”—$119.00
  • Queen 27” x 16”—$119.00
  • King 32” x 16” —$149.00

In addition to the Easy Breather Pillow, you may want to check out some of our other products in the children and baby line.

Kids and Baby

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The mattresses are made with 2 foam layers and are perfect for use on bunk beds. If you have a baby on the way, the Nest Bedding crib mattress is made of organic wool and organic cotton. Manufactured in the United States, the mattress is pesticide-free, has a firm feel.

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