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7 Unique Movie Night Ideas in Bed

7 Unique Movie Night Ideas in Bed

Most of us have been in quarantine for about two months now, and it’s starting to wear on us. We’ve played all the games, reorganized all the closets, cleaned the house from top to bottom, cooked every meal we know how to make, and maybe even started a garden. After two months on lockdown, how do you find new things to do?

One great way to keep your family entertained is to host a movie night. Read on to discover some great movie night ideas to create a big-screen experience at home.

1. Set a Theme

One of the first things you should do when you’re planning a movie night is to set a theme. Watching one movie is fun, but that’s something you can do any old night of the week. If you want your movie night to be really special, choose a theme and build your movie night around it.

Some potential theme ideas include Western movies, a Disney singalong, romance movies, superhero movies, or sports movies. If you’re inviting friends for a virtual movie night, make your invitations follow the theme. Play music that follows your theme leading up to movie night, and maybe even set up decorations.

2. Make Dinner and a Show

Everyone enjoys dinner and a show, and it’s easy to see why. You get to watch your favorite movies while noshing on your favorite foods. Make movie night even more special this time by making your dinner fit into your movie night theme.

If you’re having a sports movie night, have hot dogs and hamburgers or make tailgating snacks. For Western movies, make Tex Mex and margaritas. And during your romance movie night, set up a smorgasbord of different aphrodisiac foods: oysters, chocolate, red wine, and figs, to name a few.

3. Build a Fort 

Do you remember how much fun it was to build a blanket fort when you were a kid? You’d create a secret hideaway where the real world couldn’t get to you. Making a blanket fort now for your movie night cam bring a little of that childhood magic to your evening!

Get some solid couch cushions and a few extra sets of sheets and blankets. Build a fort around your bed and bring every pillow in the house in with you. You can light the inside with some LED twinkle lights or just rely on the light from the TV screen.

4. Get a Projector (Or Make One)

Something many of us have missed since going into quarantine is going to see a movie on the big screen. And while there’s no telling how long it may be before we can get back into movie theaters, you can recreate the big screen at home. If you have a projector at home, hang a sheet up on the wall and project your movie onto that!

If you don’t have a projector, you can DIY your own from your phone and a shoebox! You’ll need a magnifying glass and some foam board, as well as a hot glue gun and a hack saw. Adjust your projector until the picture is clear and enjoy your night at the movies! 

5. Dress Up

There are few things more fun than dressing up and going to a midnight premiere. You get a rush of excitement for the movie and a sense of community with your other moviegoers. And even in lockdown, you can still create that kind of fun!

Organize a movie dress-up night with your family based on the kind of movies you’re watching. You can also have a pajama movie night or even have a “wear funny hats” movie night. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your dress-up theme – you can even have a contest with the winner getting a candy bar or a break from chores. 

6. Play Games

Family game night and family movie night are both great quarantine activities, so why not combine both? If you’ve got kiddos around, make it a game to spot how many times a certain word, animal, or item shows up on the screen. It’s best to do this with a movie you’ve seen before so you can pick an appropriate item and so you don’t miss the plot trying to spot rabbits.

If it’s just you and your partner, make a drinking game out of the movie. Any time a character says a certain catchphrase or a phrase with a military title like “major problem,” “private matter,” or “general advice,” take a drink. Get creative with it and invent your own game to jazz up movie night!

7. Make a Movie Snack Bar

Even if you do dinner and a show, there’s nothing like a snack bar to make your movie night amazing. The movies should include popcorn, cotton candy, candy bars, and delicious drinks. So don’t skimp on your at-home movie night snacks!

Set up a popcorn bar with different add-ons, including M&Ms, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, or different flavored popcorn seasonings. Organize a candy bar with gummy bears, Skittles, Twizzlers, and all your other favorite candies. And don’t forget the drinks – serve up your favorite drinks in fun cups with crazy straws.

Find More Movie Night Ideas

Being stuck at home with nothing to do for months is tough, but there are ways you can make it fun for you and your family. Use some of these movie night ideas to create a memory your family will treasure forever. And don’t be afraid to try your own ideas – quarantine is the perfect time to get creative! 

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