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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

The fall comes with less sunshine, more rain, colder weather and harsher conditions that require early preparation. Getting your home ready for the fall is all about transforming your outdoor and indoor spaces to suit the new season.

There are many things to do, from cleaning the gutters to fixing driveway cracks. Here are seven things you can do to get your home ready for the fall season.

  1. Inspect Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your home loses up to 30% of heating energy through the windows. Since fall is a cool season when the furnaces and heaters may be running at peak levels, you should ensure the generated heat is kept inside. Inspect the windows and replace cracked seals. You can also weatherstrip to prevent heat escape.

  1. Clean or Replace Gutters

Your gutters can experience dust, dirt and debris buildup over the summer. If you have trees around, the gutters may get clogged with leaves and small twigs. Remember to clean your gutters and inspect their structure to prepare for the heavy drainage required during rainy months. You can also replace the gutters with a new installation in preparation for the season.

  1. Update Your Driveway/Entryway

Fall comes with cold temperatures and rainy weather, which translates to muddy and slippery floors. As the season draws near, consider updating the driveway/entryway. Fix cracks in the pavement to prevent them from growing bigger due to water expansion. Invest in slip-resistant mats, a shoe rack, and a designated seating area for removing dirty shoes.

  1. Drain Outdoor Pipes

Colder temperatures can freeze water in outdoor pipes, resulting in cracks. Fixing a burst pipe during fall is more expensive than at other times, so make sure you drain and disconnect all horses from outside spigots. Inspect basement and attic pipes and cover them with foam or fiberglass sleeves to prevent freezing.

  1. Test Your Equipment

Bring out the portable space heaters and test whether they function correctly. Gather enough firewood or oil for your furnace and fireplace, and change the overhead fans to spin clockwise. Replace air filers and make sure the furnace and snow blower run smoothly.

  1. Protect Your Furniture

Outdoor furniture may feature weatherproof claims on the label, but you shouldn't take a chance. As fall nears, store outdoor furniture in a garage. If you can't find any storage space in your home, use waterproof furniture coverings to protect items from the elements.

  1. Treat Your Home for Pests

Some pests can find their way into your house as they escape the cold weather. To prevent an infestation, treat your home for common pests. Clean the fireplace and chimney, deep clean the carpet and remove litter from the lawn. The goal is to create a clean space and transition from the bustling summer days to the chilly fall months without pests and unwanted wildlife.

More Tips for Fall Preparations

Homeowners can do many other things to make their homes ready for fall. Switching the clothes in the closets for warmer options, replacing smoke detector batteries, tending to the HVAC unit and getting ready to install fall decor are other season-prepping tasks. Other preparations include lubricating door locks to prevent sticking and fertilizing the lawn for better post-season regeneration.