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Our Metal Platform vs. The Competition in San Francisco and Berkeley

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When shopping around the SOMA for a platform for your new mattress, you want to get something that affords you durability, storage and practicality. When working for my old company down the street on 9th in San Francisco, I sold this platform:
Priced at $229 in Queen size, this platform folds up flat for ease of use, but over a short amount of time, it tends to bend and warp. In fact, if you put your foot on the metal side between the legs and stand, it will crease and bend.
This is the Ventura, which we carry in the Nest Bedding stores. It retails for only $149 for a queen, and will hold up to 1000lbs! In fact, I recommend customers stand on theirs and stand on ours. Now, don't damage their floor displays, not encouraging you to do that. Just ask them to show you a bent one in the back you can stand on. Ours will fold up on quarters and it into ANY vehicle, is half the price and holds twice the weight. We also have an available headboard bracket that easily fits any headboard. These are perfect for either memory foam mattresses or organic latex mattresses and can replace your box spring and provide under bed storage.
Whether you are shopping in the East Bay or in San Francisco, Nest Bedding provides a better product at a better price. Take the Nest Bedding Challenge!