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Feel Like You Are Rolling Into Each Other On Your Mattress?

A common complaint I hear from customers with aging or inferior mattresses is that they feel like they are rolling towards the center of the mattress. Sometimes this can also feel this way when you sleep with a partner, as their weight combined with their partners causes the bed to cave toward the center. 
However, this can happen on a brand new mattress too, and here are some reasons why this can happen on any mattress, from a memory foam mattress to an organic, latex mattress, either all latex or latex and coil construction:
  • If your mattress is built with a standard "Bonnelle" coil system, which is when all the coils are attached by wire. A Bonnell Coil responds to your body's mass and weight by sinking down. This causes the rest of the mattress to sag toward the middle. If one partner is heavier than the other, it is not uncommon to feel like you are being pulled toward the other partner or the middle of the mattress.
  • If your mattress is built with low quality materials, they will compress over a relatively short period of use, causing valleys in the mattress. This will cause either a peak or valley in the mattress, which can lead to you waking up with a sore back.
  • One of the common causes of dipping in a mattress is not the mattress but the foundation. A broken box spring or frame without center support can lead to the mattress dipping with weight from one or two people in the middle of the mattress.
So, if you are experiencing a "rolling" towards each other, don't automatically assume it is the mattress. First, look under the bed to ensure you have a center support or leg in the center of the frame or platform you are using to support your mattress. If all looks right under the bed, then try removing your mattress from the platform or box spring and press on the center of the bed with your foot or hands. Look for areas of the box spring or frame that are bending more than the rest of the foundation. You may have broken or flexible slats. Sometimes, your new mattress may be too heavy for the old box spring or foundation, and you will then need to upgrade to a better built system.
Also, you can tell if your foundation is not sufficient by simply placing the mattress on the floor and laying on it. If putting it on the floor fixes your roll together issue or sinking issues, it is time to upgrade to a new foundation or box spring.
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