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Can I Firm Up a Soft Mattress?

Categories: too firm too soft toppers

The "Once a Week" question we get at the store is "How do I soften up a mattress that is too firm?" But every once in a while we will get someone calling or emailing asking how to make their memory foam mattress or organic natural mattress firmer. Can it be done?

While it is not as simple, you can make a mattress firmer with a few simple tweaks:

  • Add a firm latex or foam topper - Adding the firmer top can firm up the feel of any mattress, preventing your body from sinking into the mattress as much as without the topper.
  • What is the mattress sitting on? - A flexible box spring, flexible slats or any kind of foundation with give can allow your body weight to push the mattress down and make it feel less supportive. Adding non-yielding slats or a solid box spring can firm up the feel of your bed.
  • Upside down? - Some mattress can be flipped over, depending on the construction, and you may find the bottom firmer.
Of course, if your mattress is worn out or has developed a large body impression, chances are it's time to get a new one. Nest Bedding can give you a high quality, long-lasting mattress for a better price than most major brands, and do so with excellent customer service.