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8 Key Qualities of a Wool Comforter

8 Key Qualities of a Wool Comforter

Are you ready to upgrade your bedding? Have you ever considered a wool comforter?  The number of benefits of choosing wool may surprise you.

Keep reading to answer the question, “Should I buy a wool comforter?”

The Wool Comforter

Many people’s first thought when you mention wool is that old itchy wool sweater. In fact, wool comforters offer a wonderful sleeping experience. You can choose from many colors and patterns to compliment your room's décor.

This isn’t your grandmother’s wool.

Key Beneficial Qualities of a Wool Comforter

Today’s wool comforters are softer and easier to care for. Following are seven answers to the question, “Why buy a wool comforter?”

1. Washable

The Washable Wool Comforter is a favorite for all seasons. A big plus is no dry-cleaning bills. Simply fill a large basin or your washing machine with cold/warm water with wool-safe soap.

Put the comforter in and move it around to get rid of dirt and germs. Remove it, squeeze out the water, and hang to dry.

2. Eco-Friendly

If you're practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle, shop for wool comforters that adhere to the Premium Eco-Wool program. U.S. domestic wool growers must meet high standards to be a part of this program.

They must demonstrate humane management of their flocks. This ensures purity by using chemical-free and eco-friendly feed and care products.

The end result is the cleanest and highest-quality wool in the world. You’ll have comfort without that heavy natural wool smell.

Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint? You’ll be happy to know that wool is also biodegradable and won’t leave behind toxic chemicals.

3. Prevents Overheating

Wool is a naturally water-resistant fabric. In fact, wool absorbs up to 30 percent of its own weight in water without feeling wet. It also draws moisture away from your skin, so it evaporates quicker.

This fiber has insulating properties that make it breathable. Wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you sleep hot and your partner sleeps cool, wool meets both person’s comfort need.

4. Fire-Resistant

The United States law, 16 CFR Part 1633, sets fire safety standards for mattresses and bedding. It states that mattresses must resist an open flame for at least 30 minutes. Mattress and bedding fires are a leading cause of injury and death.

Natural wool fiber has fire-resistant properties because the fibers contain moisture. If it does catch fire, this water content will quickly extinguish the flames. This means that wool bedding doesn’t need anti-flammable chemical treatment.

5. Hypoallergenic

Another natural attribute of wool is that it’s hypoallergenic. So, for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities, wool makes a great choice.

A big reason for this benefit is that wool repels dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria. All these organisms thrive in warm moist environments. Since wool resists moisture and is breathable, it becomes an inhospitable place.

These organisms are known to trigger allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. Wool gives you a healthy option.

6. Long Life

Wool is an unbelievably durable and flexible fiber. You can bend it over 20,000 times without breaking it. For comparison, cotton fiber breaks after bending 3,000 times.

It’s also very elastic which makes it hard to tear. Wet wool fibers can stretch up to 50 percent of their length. When dry, it can stretch 30 percent. Thus, wool provides a durable and long-lasting fabric that is eco-efficient and cost-effective.

7. Heavier Weight Options

A wool fiber can be sewn into various weight fabrics. Medium-grade wool comforters are a good choice. They contain thicker strands that are durable.

Often, you don’t need to invest in the highest-grade wools that are used for clothing. When you’re wearing a wool garment, the thinnest fibers offer the softest feel.

Yet, most people have sheets between them and the comforter. So, you don’t need the same level of softness that you would for clothing.

If you’re a person who likes to sleep underweighted comforters, there’s a wool option for you. You'll get all the benefits discussed and the heaviness to improve your sleep.

8. Organic

Anything made by a living thing in nature is organic. For a product to receive an “organic label” it must undergo testing. This means that the producer must pay a third party to conduct the test.

The USDA sets organic standards for raising livestock for their wool fleece. The criteria include the following:

  • The animals must be only fed 100 percent organic products
  • They may receive vitamin and mineral supplements
  • The animals must have preventative care to keep them healthy
  • Ranchers can’t withhold treatment from injured or sick animals
  • All animal treatment must be an approved substance
  • The animals must spend at least 120 days grazing in open pastures
  • At least 30 percent of their dry matter intake or feed must come from pasture
  • Animals may only be confined for documented health or environmental reasons

Since wool is a natural fiber that comes from animal fleece it is organic. Some manufacturers choose not to complete this testing process. This doesn’t change the fact that wool is organic.

Yet, to make sure that you are buying an organic product, look for the organic label.

Are You Planning on Buying a Wool Comforter?

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