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What Can I Store Under My Bed?

A mattress takes up a sizable chunk of real estate in your bedroom, and the space can be a valuable commodity when you have a smaller space. Feng Shui teaches that it is bad to have anything under your mattress, but those who set the Feng Shui rules obviously did not live in New York or San Francisco. 

A good quality organic mattress or memory foam mattress, like the ones found at Nest Bedding, require a sturdy, breathable base, which can be either slats or a box spring. A tall, slatted platform bed, such as the K-Series Platform Bed found here can afford you quite a bit of space. But apart from the "energy flow" under your mattress, is storing things under your mattress a good idea, and what can I store?

A slatted foundation or box spring is necessary to allow for air flow so heat can dissipate and moisture can evaporate. With that in mind, you want to be thoughtful about what you put under your bed, and how much of it.

Packing the underside of your mattress with bags of clothes, papers or other items that prevent air flow can lead to your mattress molding due to decreased air flow and also lead to sleeping warm.

If you are going to put items under your mattress, try putting them in portable, plastic storage containers, and leave ample space between each box. 

The rule of thumb is if you can see the other side of the room under your bed, you have too much stuff under your mattress. 

Another helpful tip from your organic, natural and non-toxic bedding and mattress provider, Nest Bedding, located in San Francisco and Berkeley areas.

If you are looking for an organic mattress in San Francisco or Berkeley, or a non-toxic Memory Foam mattress in San Francisco or Berkeley, check out Nest Bedding