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Why We Don't Sell Chinese Products At Nest Bedding in 2013

Categories: American Made

When we opened the doors of Nest Bedding in September of 2012, we did so with purpose and vision. Knowing there was a huge demand here in the Bay Area for great customer service and American Made Natural Mattresses and Bedding, we decided to put our resources to work. Drawing from extensive experience in the industry and knowing the business climate in the Bay Area, we launched with high quality mattresses and bedding predominantly made in the USA, but nothing made in China. There are other natural mattress stores in the area who sell Chinese made products, but we have made a conscious effort to find competitively priced mattresses and bedding made here in America. This helps support the American and local worker and economy. Yes, it is more work finding these items, but we are of the firm resolve that if you support American products, it will bring the local business back.

Every time you spend money at a store that carries and supports Chinese made products, you are basically writing a check and mailing it overseas. Yes, their products are less expensive. However, it is because they pay workers there a fraction of what workers here make, and that means they are exploiting people to make a cheaper product. And that also means the products are made by people who are not happy and even under duress. Is that the kind of product you want to be sleeping on?

Besides keeping jobs in America and the pride of manufacturing, there is something to be said for buying products made locally. The USA has regulations and standards for product manufacturing and strict laws for worker safety. Every country has different regulations, however, in China, regulations are very lax, which is why many companies choose to manufacture there.

Our organic latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, made in the USA and sold in our stores in San Francisco and Berkeley and around the world from our website at are some of the finest products you can buy for the price. USA made and USA proud. No China labels in our store. Can your store say that?