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9 Ideas to Make Your Guest Room More Inviting

9 Ideas to Make Your Guest Room More Inviting

Quick, go look in your guest room. What does it look like?

If you're like most people, it's probably full of stuff that doesn't have a home, seasonal clothes, and other random items. Guest rooms often become catch-all rooms until it's time for guests to arrive, and then we have to scramble to put things away, organize, and make it suitable for guests. 

Instead of doing the cleaning scramble each time you're expecting guests, it's time to make this space welcoming for visitors to your home all the time. Here are 9 tips to make your guest a room a space that your guests won't want to leave. 

1. Upgrade Your Bedding

To make your guests feel at home, aim to make your guest bed as comfortable as their bed at home (or even more comfortable!). Start with a mattress pad and protector and top with soft, luxurious sheets, like these bamboo ones. Then, give your guests some options. Layer a blanket (thinner for summer, heavier for winter) and then provide a duvet or comforter folded over the end of the bed. 

A beautiful and well-made bed upgrades the look of the whole room. 

Make sure you have new pillows for your guests and cover them with a protector. This helps keep them clean and minimizes any allergy issues. Make sure there are pillow options and plenty of them too. If you don't want the bed to look to cluttered, put extra pillows, extra blankets, and even an extra set of sheets in the guest room closet. 

2. Make Space in the Closet and Provide Hangers

Another thing to include in the guest room closet? Space for your guests to hang their things. Even if you are using the closet as overflow storage, make some space for your guests to hang things and maybe place their suitcases, and provide a few hangers. 

3. Clear Out a Few Drawers and Clear Off the Dresser 

If you have a dresser in the guest room that's also being used as storage, clear out a few drawers for your guests. Even if they are only staying for a few days, it's much easier to stay organized if they can unpack their suitcase and have empty drawers for their clothes. 

The top of the dresser should also be cleared off too, or at least cleared off enough to give guests some space to place things, like toiletries, jewelry, etc. While it's nice to have decor to bring the room together, guests also appreciate space for their things so they don't have to move your stuff to make room for theirs.

4. Include a Charging Station

How many times have you stayed at a hotel or at someone's home and had to crawl around looking behind furniture for an outlet? Don't make your guests do this. Provide easy access to an outlet or power strip for any chargers they may need to plug in.

If you have extra chargers lying around the house, you might even include on in the room for them, already plugged in. Since many people use their phone as an alarm clock, try to put it next to the bed. 

5. Consider a Chair or Bench

If space allows, a chair or a bench in the guest room is a nice touch. It provides a place to toss clothes at the end of the day and a space to sit down and put on (or take off) shoes. Having someplace to sit other than the bed is always appreciated in a guest room. 

6. Make Sure There's Bedside Lighting

Give guests a lighting option other than the bright overhead lights. A lamp next to the bed (each side, if space permits) gives guests a reading light and a light to turn on if they have to get up during the night. You might also consider including a nightlight, especially if your guests have children or may have to get up at night to use the bathroom. 

If you have room for a nightstand to hold the lamp, even better. A nightstand gives guests a place for their phone, glasses, a bottle of water, and other personal items. 


7. Provide Fresh Towels 

Have fresh towels and washcloths waiting for your guests when they arrive. Put them on the bed or leave them out in the bathroom. Don't make them hunt in your cabinets or linen closet to find them. Consider having a set of guest towels that are only used when you have visitors. Fluffy, bright white towels are a nice touch that makes guests feel like they're in a hotel. 

8. Provide a Trash Can

A small trash can in the room is a must. Don't make guests have to walk to the bathroom or even your kitchen to throw trash away. A small trash can tucked away for small odds and ends that your guest may have to dispose of during their stay is a simple, but useful, addition to the room. 

9. Don't Forget the Extras! 

Last but not least are the small extras you can include to really make your guest feel at home. Things such as a suitcase holder so they don't have to lay their bag on the bed to unpack are cheap but have a big impact. Other extras to include are: 

  • A sign or note with the Wifi information
  • A bottle of water for when they arrive
  • Light snacks 
  • A basket of extras of things that may have forgotten (e.g., a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc.)
  • Fresh flowers 
  • Hairdryer
  • Clock or alarm clock

Try to think of all of the things you'd love in a hotel or guest room and do the same for your guests. 

A Guest Room Your Guest Won't Want to Leave 

You might make a guest room so luxurious and thoughtful that your guests won't want to leave! A comfortable and welcoming guest room shows how much your guests mean to you. 

If it's time to upgrade your mattress or bedding for your guest room (or your own—treat yourself!), check out our full line of bedding for everything you need for a cozy bed you want to spend the whole day in. From mattresses to linens to bed frames and even pet beds, we have everything your whole family needs to get a good night's sleep.