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9 Tips for Getting a Good Night's Rest When Your Partner Snores

9 Tips for Getting a Good Night's Rest When Your Partner Snores

If snoring is a sore subject to discuss with a loved one so you can shut your eyes peacefully at night, there are ways to get a good night’s rest without counting too many sheep while waiting for your significant other to wake up.

Snoring worsens with age, and men generally snore a lot more than women until menopause. Then it becomes an equal battle of the sexes.

Being on the receiving end of noise and having to crash on the living room couch or in a spare bedroom because of a snoring partner can cause a dent in many relationships.

Sleep-deprived couples often suffer from stress, irritability, depression, and burnout. Here are nine solutions to help you get a good night’s rest if your soulmate keeps you up with no end in sight.

1) Alter Sleep Position for a Good Night’s Rest

Snorers should try and avoid sleeping on their backs. The best way to do this immediately is by using a wedge pillow to help alter your sleep position. You should also switch to adjustable beds so that your partner’s head can be slightly elevated.

Sleeping on their stomach is another way to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, but this is an uncomfortable position for many adults and can cause a sore neck. They should practice sleeping on their side by taping a tennis ball to the back of their shirt. This will prevent them from rolling over and snoring again.

2) Try Using a Mouth Guard

A mouth guard that moves your partner’s jaw forward can also be an effective treatment to help them stop snoring, especially if they suffer from a mild sleep-disordered breathing pattern. These can be purchased over the counter, or you can ask your dental specialist to customize them.

Your partner may not be a massive fan of wearing this at first because mouth guards can make your mouth feel swollen, so they will need your support to get used to sleeping with one every night. This is where you can become their biggest cheerleader to guarantee your own peaceful and well-deserved rest. 

3) Test a New Mattress

The best mattresses to help your partner stop snoring will have medium universal firmness. These are ideal for snugly holding the contours of their body to help quieten them at night.

You should consider buying a hybrid foam bed with a coil mattress if your old one shows signs of aging and sagging in the middle.

4) Clear Those Sinuses

Your partner may be snoring through the night because of a sinus condition or cold and allergies. Before going to bed, your partner should get into the habit of deep cleaning their sinuses.

Ask your doctor about sinus medications, or you can buy nasal strips that are effective for many people. Nasal strips are great snoring solutions because they can reflexively stimulate the muscles in the back of your partner’s airways to lower nasal pressure.

Alternatively, you can also visit your local pharmacy and help them get some antihistamines to soothe any allergies and keep your carpets and all other areas near the bed free from dust.

5) Avoid Eating or Drinking

Your partner should avoid eating or drinking close to their bedtime, and they should strictly stay away from any alcohol or sedatives. Even though these may help them feel relaxed, they are also responsible for relaxing the tissues in their throat that cause a lot of snoring.

Any food or drinks should be consumed more than two hours before bed, and this will also help improve their digestive system, so they do not wake up feeling bloated.

6) Stop Smoking

Smoking causes a lot of nasal and lung congestion that leads to several breathing problems, which is why your partner may be louder than usual at night.

Aside from the cancerous and harmful ill effects, smoking irritates membranes in our nose and throat, which blocks all the airways. Without breathing clearly at night, your partner will snore more heavily than usual, which will get on your nerves quickly.

7) Shed Some Weight

Adults who are overweight are more prone to snoring. To deal with a partner snoring, motivate them to lose weight with exercise and a balanced diet.

This is because the extra fatty tissue blocks their airways, which causes them to snore. Cutting back on a few calories a day to lose those inches around the waist can lead to much healthier sleep.

8) Get New Earplugs

Earplugs are one of the best solutions for snoring, but your partner may feel uncomfortable wearing them throughout the night. Soft earplugs can help block a lot of noise so your partner can get a good night’s rest and deeper sleep. Wax and moldable plugs are much better than the standard foam or rubber ones you find because they will not easily slip out of the ears.

9) Include White Noise

If your snowing partner is still struggling to sleep and you are both becoming anxious to solve this problem, a white noise machine can also help. Although this is more for you than your partner, it will muffle the sounds of their loud snores to help you get a few hours of peace at night.

With a bit of static sound in your room, you are less likely to focus on everything else going around, and this will help you ignore your partner’s loud roars even though it is not one of the most permanent solutions for snoring.

You Deserve the Best Sleep

No matter how much you love and cherish your partner, you deserve a good night’s rest to feel focused during the day to get all your work done. If their snores are not caused by health-related problems, the most practical way to tackle this problem is to switch to a new mattress that is a little firmer to improve their sleep position.

Contact us today to find out which is the right bed to help you both get the most peaceful sleep you deserve.