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Are You a Side Sleeper: Discover Our Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow

Are You a Side Sleeper: Discover Our Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow

The Easy Breather Pillow has many 5-star reviews for its comfort and utility. If you're familiar with the brand, you probably have the contoured foam and latex option or the one designed for children.

Nest Bedding has added a new side sleeper pillow designed for side and combo sleepers. Like other Nest pillows, the side sleeper offers comfort and support with a plush foam fill and soft, breathable cover.

The pillow also features customizable firmness levels. You'll receive an overstuffed foam and latex pillow with the option to add or reduce the fill. Here's more about the Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow from Nest:

High-Quality Materials

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow comes with a luxurious soft Tencel fabric cover featuring a thin grey polyester strip that gives it a distinct shape. Tencel offers a silky softness and cotton comfort levels.

The material is eco-friendly and cool, thanks to its sweat-wicking property. For the fill, Nest uses shredded CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam. The choice results in low chemical off-gassing, so the new foam scent is gone in no time.

Nest's side sleeper pillow arrives stuffed full of shredded memory foam and a complimentary fill bag, which you can use to adjust your pillow's height. The shipping height is 8 inches and offers a slow response to pressure and easy moldability.

One side of the pillow features a zipper for easy access to the fill. The shredded foam softly contours your head and neck while providing the deep, cosy sink you expect with solid memory foam.

Breathable, Soft and Cool

The side sleeper pillow has everything available in Nest's Easy Breather Pillows. Unlike solid foam pillows, the shredded memory foam doesn't trap body heat. Nest shreds the foam into small popcorn sizes to enhance airflow and improve moisture-wicking properties.

The pillow is breathable, soft, and cool to touch. Like other products from the brand, the side sleeper pillow comes with a Nest Comfort Guarantee. It has a boomerang shape with thick sides and a thin, mid-area and curved center. Nest uses this design to help you maintain a healthy posture when sleeping in the lateral position.

If you're a side sleeper, you can roll back and forth without losing head and neck support on both sides. The cushion is lofty with a softer middle area that makes it effortless to move from side to side between lateral positions.

Designed for Side and Combo Sleepers

The Easy Breather Pillow may be designed for side sleepers but also supports combination sleepers. Thanks to the flat mid-cushion, you can use the pillow to get great support when sleeping in the back position.

Shredded foam allows your head to sink into the pillow and the pieces move independently, resulting in improved airflow. The foam also conforms to pressure, providing the ideal support for your shape.

You can make the pillow taller or shorter with the extra bag of fill before throwing on the breathable Tencel covering. The pillow has two lofty sides with a softer, flatter mid-area optimized for the lateral position.

Sleeping on your side props the head up because of your shoulder and hips. The side sleeper pillow offers perfect support on both sides, keeping your spine in neutral alignment to prevent neck strains and other issues.

More Amazing Highlights

The Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow has a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event you'er not satisfied with it. You have a 30-day trial to test how it works and send it back for a full refund. The pillow weighs approximately four pounds and comes in one standard size.

Remember, you can adjust the fill to customize your pillow and truly make it your own. Expect the new memory foam smell, which is common with all new foam products. It's non-toxic and will disappear after a few nights.

Clean the Tencel cover using a washing machine, but the use a damp, dry cloth to clean the pillow. Try Nest's Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow today for maximum comfort and cooling.