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Bedroom Facelift: 7 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom Facelift: 7 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

At some point, most of us have looked around our bedroom and felt a little uninspired. Maybe your bedding has seen better days, your walls look a bit outdated, or you're simply ready for a change.

You probably spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else. You deserve a beautiful, restful space where you can wind down at the end of the night and recharge each morning.

Sprucing it up doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Try these 7 bedroom makeover ideas to bring your bedroom back to life. 

1. Declutter Your Space

When you think of updating your bedroom, you may think of going shopping. But before you head out or start buying decor online, take a good look at your bedroom.

Before you buy or change anything, tackle the clutter first. Boxing up or giving away things you no longer need can make a room feel lighter and fresher.

Make an effort to organize what you need and purge everything else. A cluttered environment is stressful and distracting.

If an item doesn't have meaning to you or add to the room as a whole, box it up or give it a new home. Try picturing your bedroom as your personal sanctuary and as a place of rest.

Once the clutter is gone, you're ready to update your bedroom.

2. Update Your Lighting 

It's time to take down the frosted glass globe fixture from the ceiling and give your bedroom a brand-new glow. There are endless style options for lighting these days. 

A unique new fixture or a pretty chandelier can transform a room and make a bold statement piece. Consider a pair of interesting lamps to frame your bed or modern swing mount lighting to free up the space on your nightstands.

Accent lighting is great for a softer glow, and task lighting is perfect for reading. You can pay a fortune for lighting, but you don't have to!

There are so many beautiful and affordable options to choose from. Choose lighting that is practical for your needs, fits your budget, and looks amazing in your room.

And remember to add dimmers so you can adjust the brightness according to your mood.

3. Invest in Quality Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of the room and the spot where you spend a major portion of your time. If you've had the same bedspread and pillows for years, it's time for an update.

A new set of sheets, pillows, and a comforter can make a big impact on the look and comfort of your bedroom. Choose what you love, whether it's sleek and modern, bold and daring, rustic and country, or something in between.

Go for big bold color, a pretty pattern, or a softer restful hue. Whatever you choose, new bedding can instantly change the look of your room.

And there's nothing better than a cozy, soft bed at the end of a long day.

4. Go for a Neutral Hue

Your bedroom is your own special space, so if you want to paint it a bright color, go for it. But if you want it to be a restful place, stick with a neutral palette. 

Bright colors and patterned wallpaper are stimulating to the eye. They draw your attention but can be irritating in a bedroom setting.

That's the opposite of what you want when you're trying to relax and unwind after a trying day. For a more soothing setting, choose muted, soft paint colors and stick with a limited palette.

Earth tones as well as soft blues, purples, and greens are some calming choices to consider. 

5. Give Your Walls Some Love

Once your walls are painted, don't forget to add some art to give life to your space. Hang a favorite painting or print above your bed. Add a framed poster or family photos to any open spaces.

Don't choose a generic piece of art just to fill up space. Instead choose something personal or something that inspires you in some way. 

Art doesn't have to be new. Check out antique shops, flea markets, and even Grandma's attic for some inspiration.

Rather than having knick-knacks throughout the room, showcase your favorites on a few floating shelves or a bookcase.

Good design is all about balance. The trick is to add your personal touch without crowding the room with visual decor. 

6. Think Texture

Adding texture to a room gives it depth and warmth. A monochromatic look with a variety of textures is a nice combination.

Use layers of textures and patterns with your bedding. Try using crisp white sheets with soft bedding and throw pillows to add a bit of luxury. Add a fur throw to the end of the bed for chilly nights.

If you have wood or tile flooring in your bedroom, try a shag rug to add a bit of warmth and comfort to the room. Throw in a wicker basket and a great smelling candle as well.

A bit of bling adds some excitement. A few touches of glass or metallic elements go a long way.

Gold metallics are very trendy right now. And silver adds a timeless touch.

A little bling goes a long way. Too much metal will overwhelm the room.

High-contrast neutrals like black and ecru and browns and blues are modern and comforting. Varying the textures and tones in your bedroom decor will help you create a warm, updated look. 

7. Remember the Windows

Outdated blinds or faded curtains make a room look dated and sad. Don't skip the window treatments when it's time to update your bedroom. 

Adding a few inexpensive panels or some gauzy white curtains can make a big impact. Go with what you like. The options are endless.

Whether you prefer wood blinds, a sheer look, or black-out curtains, updating old window treatments will help you put the finishing touch on your new look.

Try Our Bedroom Makeover Ideas 

Your bedroom is your safe haven. It should be a place where you can relax and get away from it all.

If your bedroom looks a little tired and outdated, it's time for a makeover.

It doesn't have to be Pinterest perfect. It just needs to be a room you love and enjoy. 

There are so many bedroom makeover ideas you can try. Be sure to take a look at our website for some luxurious bedding and more makeover ideas.