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Best Master Bedroom Layout Solutions

Best Master Bedroom Layout Solutions

Did you know that having an organized bedroom will reduce anxiety and stress? We did! That is why we have put together this simple guide for creating the perfect master bedroom layout. 

We are going to show you creative ways to make the most out of your space from arranging furniture to choosing the best pieces for your bedroom. 

Let's get started!

Different Spaces Require Different Solutions

When it comes to creating the perfect layout for your master bedroom it is important to utilize your space effectively. Not all bedrooms are created equally, so when choosing your master bedroom furniture you should choose pieces that complement the space rather than clutter it. 

Narrow Bedrooms 

Narrow bedrooms can be quite tricky to layout properly. Utilizing bedroom storage furniture is important as you can take advantage of vertical storage options to keep clutter off the floor.

Creating layers increases the functionality of the room and adds depth to the space. Consider choosing a narrow streamlined bed frame to not make the room feel small and tightly packed. 

Bedrooms With a View

If your bedroom has a lot of windows or a sliding glass door with a fantastic view the last thing you want to do is cover it up! Try keeping your bedroom furniture to one side of the room to not block your view or natural light. 

In place of a dresser, try under the bed storage options or a low profile dresser at the foot of the bed. When choosing a bed frame, consider using natural materials such as reclaimed wood. Natural wood options will complement the open views of nature and make your layout feel organic. 

Extra Large Bedrooms

Large bedrooms need to have their space properly utilized, otherwise, they end up feeling empty and cold. Consider breaking your room into sections such as a seating area and a sleeping area. 

Also, consider choosing a platform bed frame for your mattress and floating it in the center of your sleeping area. This will free up space along the walls for decor and storage. 

Use area rugs to frame different areas in the bedroom. For the seating area add comfortable chairs and floor lamps for reading or relaxing before you head to sleep. 

Sharing Bedrooms 

If you are sharing your bedroom with a furry friend or a new baby, finding the best layout for your pet bed or crib and your bed can be challenging. Consider purchasing a simple foldable bed frame to free up more space in the room and make moving the bed much easier if you want to modify your layout. 

When sharing space, storage is key to keeping the room functional. Try using wall storage to keep clutter off of the floor and out of reach for pets and little ones. Keep your bed opposite your pet bed or crib to create balance in the room. 

Bedroom Decor and Furniture Ideas 

When planning your master bedroom layout consider what decor and furniture you want and where. Measure your space and the size of decor and furniture before you purchase to ensure that they will be a good fit for your room. Here are some other tips and tricks to consider when deciding on your layout. 


Dressers should be centered perfectly in the middle of the wall to not throw off the balance of the room. If your dresser is smaller and does not take up much space along the wall you need to frame the sides of the dresser with either plants, accent chairs, artwork, etc. Doing this will make the room look finished and will eliminate negative space. 


Curtains can be utilized to make your room feel larger or to draw attention to already high ceilings. Try hanging your curtains 6 inches above the window frame to create the illusion of taller ceilings. 

Functional Furniture

Storage ottomans and cube box storage bins are great functional furniture options for your master bedroom. Storage ottomans can hide clutter and can be placed in the room to add seating or to be used as a footrest. Cube box storage bins come in a variety of sizes and can be used as dressers or nightstands. 


Mirrors are perfect additions to a master bedroom. Not only do they come in handy for getting ready for the day, but they are also functional. Mirrors make spaces look larger and capture and reflect light in the room. 

Area Rugs 

As we said earlier, area rugs are great for framing a space and creating depth in the room. Just be sure that you are choosing the correct size. If choosing an area rug for under the bed make sure that it extends at least 18 inches past the bed to avoid it looking visually unappealing. 


While your bedding doesn't necessarily impact your layout it is important for the comfort and aesthetic of your room. Certain colors can be more relaxing than others in the bedroom. Material is important as well, so consider choosing bedding options made with a high thread count and organic materials. 

Choosing Your Master Bedroom Layout 

Once you identify the shape and characteristics of your room you can choose the master bedroom layout of your dreams. Your bedroom is your sanctuary so you should take the time to choose comfortable pieces that make you feel at home! 

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