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Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Nothing is best than curling up in bed under a comfy blanket, especially in the wintertime. Sleeping on your side in the fetal position may seem like the most desirable and comfortable way to sleep. But, it can also lead to aches and pains the next morning.

Are you one of the many people who find sleeping on your side to be the optimal sleeping position? Is a stiff neck ruining your day? Do you often find yourself waking up with an aching shoulder?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're in need of the best pillow for side sleepers. And what better time than the holidays to update your pillow!

At Nest Bedding, we know that waking up with neck or shoulder pain can make or break the quality of your day. We also know that the key to a good night's sleep doesn't only include getting comfortable before bed. Because it also includes keeping comfortable throughout the night.

And to stay comfortable through the night, you need the right pillow. That's why here, we tell you what pillow is best for side sleepers. Keep reading and start your journey to better sleep today!

Is Side Sleeping the Ideal Sleeping Position?

Sleeping on your side, whether it be on your left or right side, is the most common sleeping position. Many people, including medical professionals, even consider sleeping on your side to be the ideal sleeping position. But if sleeping on your side is so great, then why do so many side sleepers wake up with aches and pains?

It's true that sleeping on your side is an ideal sleeping position, but that's only if you do it right. The quality of your pillow and your sleep posture can determine whether you wake up the next day with a sore neck or shoulder, as both can cause painful spinal misalignment.

Why Standard Pillows Don't Support Side Sleepers

Standard pillows are typically not thick or firm enough to keep side sleepers' spines aligned while they sleep. The resulting spinal misalignment then leads to having a stiff neck the next morning.

Similarly, when you sleep on your side while using a standard pillow, you increase your risk of shoulder pain when you wake up. This is because whether you are sleeping on your left or right side, your opposite shoulder can collapse into your mattress or up towards your neck. Like with neck pain, your collapsed shoulder leads to spinal misalignment and then shoulder pain. 

Keep Your Spine Aligned While You Sleep

To prevent neck and shoulder pain from side sleeping, you not only have to get the right pillow, but you also have to change the position in which you sleep. If you wake up with a stiff neck or sore shoulder, then it's likely that your spine was out of alignment while you slept.

Side sleepers are encouraged to keep their ear hole in line with their shoulders while they sleep. Also, side sleepers should keep their head in a neutral position with the chin facing straight ahead. By sleeping in such a position, you keep your spine straight and prevent neck or shoulder pain. 

What Pillow Is Best for Side Sleepers?

The best pillow for side sleepers has the thickness and firmness to support your spine alignment while you sleep. Yet, you may not always want to sleep with a hard pillow.

That's why our Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow is not only the best pillow for side sleepers, but it's also the best pillow for combination sleepers. This is because our Easy Breather is designed to be adjustable. You can customize your Easy Breather by unzipping the cover and removing or adding filling until the pillow is at your desired level of firmness. 

Our Easy Breather is the best side sleeper pillow for neck pain because it offers ample support while you sleep. Similarly, the firmness of our Easy Breather prevents shoulder pain caused by side sleeping. We recommend side sleepers use our Easy Breather as is for optimal firmness. 

What's the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

If firm pillows are so great for side sleepers, then aren't firm mattresses just as beneficial? The answer is, yes! A firm mattress is great for maintaining a healthy sleeping position and for lessening the risk of bending your spine out of alignment. 

Updating your mattress along with your pillow may be necessary to improve your quality of sleep. Our Quail model is among our firmest mattresses. But if you don't want such a firm mattress, we carry plenty of other options.  

If you don't know what kind of mattress to look for to best support your sleeping needs, then take our mattress quiz. Answer a few questions and we'll match you with the perfect fit according to your answers. 

Get the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

If you're looking for the best pillow for side sleepers, then look no further than Nest Bedding. We make bedding for all sleepers, side, back, and stomach alike!

Side sleepers need firm, ample support from their pillow to avoid waking up with stiff necks or shoulders. Our Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow is adjustable so you can make it as firm or as soft as you want it. 

The holidays are a great time to update your bedding. Take advantage of our holiday promos when you shop with us. Contact us to jumpstart your journey towards better sleep today.