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Best Tips To Pack And Move Your Bedding Set

Best Tips To Pack And Move Your Bedding Set

Moving house isn't quite the headache everyone says it is, that is if you're organized and have a plan.

Even if you have very little time to get everything packed and ready for moving day, moving large items like furniture and beds is simpler. You don't have to fit them in boxes.

There are ways to move bedding and the bed, though, that movers should know. 

Pack It First Or Last?

Leave the bed to be broken down and loaded onto the truck for the last step of the process. It should be the first thing to come off the truck. The moving company personnel will set up the beds, so you'll have something onto which to collapse when you get to the new house.

While fluffy blankets, comforters, pillows, and bed linens make excellent cushioning for boxes of delicates like dishes and electronics, make sure you have a box of linens for the beds when you get to the new house. Use only extra bedding for cushioning boxes of belongings. 

Tip: Pack the bedding you'll be using last.

Moving A Mattress

Those moving houses can pack their belongings in the original boxes such as electronics and small appliances. However, most mattresses don't come in handy boxes for easier moving. Some do, but they're usually foam and don't move quite as easily due to the foam sliding or getting rearranged.

Most moving companies offer mattress bags to protect the mattresses during a move. They are sold as packing supplies like bubble wrap and boxes. Stand the mattress on its side as you slide the bag over the end and pull it up to the top of the mattress.

Box springs don't usually require a box, because they're sturdier and built on a wooden base. These types of mattress can be moved or stored on their sides.

Tip: Foam mattresses are best laid flat atop moving boxes so they don't lose their shape. They can also be rolled and stored in their original box for ease of moving.

Moving Bed Frames

Be sure to place screws and other things into sandwich bags and tape them to the bed frame parts. Detach the headboard from the frame, placing screws in sandwich bags and taping it to the headboard.

Large headboards will be wrapped in moving blankets before placement on the truck.

Fabric headboards should be placed in boxes to protect them during transport. If no box is available, large trash bags will work just as well. These, too, will be wrapped in moving blankets for transport.

Detach the posts of a four-poster bed. Wrap them in bubble wrap. Keep the screws in sandwich bags taped to the headboard or footboard. Wrap the headboard and footboard as described above for safe transport. 

Tip: Take pictures or a video if you need to remember how to reassemble the bed.

Moving a captain's bed is a little different. Most captain's beds have drawers in the bed frame, so there isn't a box spring to move. 

Tip: Remove the drawers. Wrap them in plastic so their contents won't fall out. Stack them beside the bed. Some beds have shelves in the headboard. These will need to be disassembled, wrapped separately, and stacked atop the drawers.

Captain's beds are heavy, even without the drawers and shelving on the headboard. You'll need at least two people to move them. Wrap the frame in moving blankets to protect it from gouges and scratches on the truck. 

DIY Moves

Those DIY moving have a choice between moving in a pickup truck or a rented moving van. King-sized beds are too big for a pickup truck, but a queen is about the right size for a pickup truck.

Moving vans are affordable and offer more space to get everything on board in one load. You'll still need help getting the beds and other furnishings on and off the truck.

King-sized beds are easier to move due to the box springs being split. Queen-sized box springs are one piece as is the mattress. Both are difficult to maneuver around corners and downstairs. 

Tip: Load the beds on the truck last. They'll rest atop the boxes and other furniture and will come off the truck first. Remember to bag the mattresses and tape the screws to the headboard or footboard.

Final Thoughts

Moving bedding and furniture isn't as difficult as packing boxes. They're large, yes, but they're in one piece.

Large furniture is shrink-wrapped to avoid damage during transport. The beds are protected by bags, so moving them is a simple as putting them on and taking them off the truck.

Dominic LoBianco is a content contributor on behalf of SMARTBOX Moving and Storage. Dominic creates multimedia content on a wide array of topics and themes.